a nursery + guest room

oh hi friends, remember me?! it’s only been 8379027364390 days since my last blog post. honestly, some things have been weighing me down lately and on top of that you have pregnancy. it’s definitely a season of life and i am forever trying to balance it all. anyways, today i choose joy. and i choose to share a bit with you!

if you follow me on Instagram you might recall this time last year when i was desperately trying to talk cory into buying that perfect 1860s dream house or as hayden likes to call it; the white house with the green shutters. well, after much convincing, like A FREAKING LOT OF CONVINCING, i did realize it probably was just not in the best neighborhood for us. well, at the time i found this amazing jenny lind bed at our local antique shop for a steal of price. i couldn’t wait to set it up in the ‘new’ house. instead it sat. for a year.

fast forward a few months and finley is officially been moved into hayden’s room. since we usually wake up with both boys close by [aka foot to the face or finger in your eye kind of close], i decided to re-work the nursery, making it sort of like a guest room + nursery. which, will be absolutely perfect for those early days when we are nursing around the clock.

so here it is, not officially done, but in all it’s glory; the new nursery + guest room. if i am being honest, i’m sure it will change a few more times before baby comes. nesting is so real guys. so, so real.

we had the pleasure of working with the company store + lucid to make our guest room + nursery dreams possible. i already am counting down the days to co-sleeping with a sweet little babe because this mattress is AH-MA-ZING. and the sheets?! well this is the first time we have brought linen sheets into our home and let’s just say i may never go back.

here’s what is on our bed//

comfort wash solid linen bedding in white

gossamer blanket in white 

comfort wash solid linen duvet cover in parchment 

comfort wash solid linen shams in parchment

black label prima loft comforter

10 inch plush memory foam mattress

this post was created in partnership with the company store + lucid mattress. however, all opinions and feelings are my own. 


  1. Chelsea November 8, 2017

    It is perfect!

    • Lindsey November 11, 2017

      thanks babe!!


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