a beach daycation

on friday, hayden saw me post a picture of the beach. as soon as he saw it he was all, “i want to go to the beach. i want to go to the beach, ya! ya! ya! ya!” over and over and over again. this pretty much went on the majority of the morning. no, the majority of the day! at one point we even had to make a phone call to daddy to tell him all about his grand plans.  and he even came down the stairs with a handful of underwear and socks, saying “i go to the beach!’ bless his heart.

but we live in ohio. and the closest ‘beach’ [you know, the whole ocean +beach combo thing] is hours away [emphasis on the hours part]. so we sat there thinking for a bit, and that’s when the lightbulb went off. what if we took a day trip to lake michigan?! water + beach, problem solved. we woke up a little extra early saturday morning, piled in the car, and started down the road. in three short hours hayden had his beach. and finley would be able to experience the beach for the first time.

we decided to stop at warren dunes state park. the water was blue, there was a nice little river behind the lake where the kids splashed and swam. we built the tallest sand castles, hunted down the softest rocks, climbed the sand dunes, and munched on chips and demo snacks. hayden would ribbit like a frog across the river, and finley, well he just munched on sticks the entire time. and he definitely was not afraid of putting his face in the water. both boys were just so, so happy. once leaving the beach, the boys were snoozing hard as soon as they hit their seats. we stopped at a local cafe for take out, where we got the yummiest pizza i have ever tasted. our car is covered in sand, we might be a little crispy, but this first beach trip as a family of four is one for the books. i’m already daydreaming of our next mini road trip back.

market bag by maewoven; beach mat by gathre

on hayden: swim shorts by swim zip, fedora from h&m 

on finley: swim shirt from gap, swim diaper by honest co., sun hat from gap, bonnet by fin & vince; doll by hazel village; blanket by lostboy goods 

on me: swim separates by kortni jeans; mama bird tee by the bee & the fox, denim shorts by madewell, hat from old navy, sandals by saltwater sandals;  sling by wildbird


  1. leti juárez August 23, 2016

    I love love looove your pics! What kind of camera do you use?

    • Lindsey Pain September 8, 2016

      thank you! i actually mostly use my iPhone 🙂 it’s a rare occasion that i break out my canon t3i


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