a bump update; second trimester

second trimester

it is so incredible how fast this pregnancy is going. it feels like just yesterday we were getting home from our summer trip when i decided to take a little test. and here we are, twenty seven weeks. i am 100 percent completely slacking with documenting all of the moments this time around. i guess it’s true what they say; poor baby number three. i finally have some time so I wanted to jot down a few things.

how am i feeling?

actually pretty amazing. this baby finally just started to kick + move probably at week twenty five/six, so before then it was as if i would have to remind myself that there is a sweet baby growing inside my belly. my nauseousness is finally taken off, but i don’t think my energy will ever return. holy tiredness. i usually am in bed as soon as the boys go down for the night.

what am i craving?

I literally am craving all the sweets. not like candy sweets, but wait for it …. COKE ICEES. that totally doesn’t even surprise you does it?! but guys, it’s bad. i just want soda nonstop. i wasn’t like this with the boys. it was more of a lemonade craving with them. i also have been eating cucumber salad every.single.day. SO YUM.  and i’m currently eating out of a jar of pickles, so there’s that. and of course, all of the pizzas + pastas. some things will never change 😉

what am i wearing?

i have been living in all the things by Storq; an online maternity label for pregnant + postpartum mamas. they offer a minimal line, that is no where minimal when it comes to the quality. everything is so well made. the temperatures are slowly falling, so lately i have been wearing my leggings daily. i don’t care if you are pregnant. postpartum or not, YOU NEED THESE LEGGINGS. along with my storq pieces, i have also been wearing the crap out of  my maternity jeans from madewell. i have the over the belly skinnies + and also these ones that stretch at the hip. and of course, topping it all off with my favorite pieces from madewell; like this flannel, cardigan, bodysuit, and cozy sweater.

how is sweet little p?

baby is good! we had our ultrasound at twenty weeks and it was here that we learned that baby is not head down yet. this is totally new to me, because both boys were always raring to go [super head down!] we also learned that little p is measuring a little small. could this babe actually be a little on the smaller side?! time will tell! feeling incredibly blessed that everything seems to be going well so far + for our healthy little babe.

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