a family trip for mimi’s 80th

this year was definitely a special one. i turned 30 in april, my dad turned 60 in may, and my mimi turned 80 this past week. and this week in june was even more special, as our entire family flew out to arizona to spend this special time with her and to help celebrate a new decade.

i haven’t been back to arizona, in the summer, in quite some time. probably not since i was a little girl. but holy smokes, it is hot [insert flame emoji x 100]. and people from around here like to say, “yeah, but it’s a dry heat”. no heat is heat my friends. and it was scorchin’ at 107 degrees. we spent most of our days soaking up each other + soaking in the pool. eating eegee’s every day, and hunting lizards in the mornings. i often wonder how my parents could leave such a beautiful place, but then i remember, my beautiful family wouldn’t be here if they didn’t.

our trip marked finley’s first flight. he actually did amazing. he snoozed off after a few snacks and slept the majority of the ride on our laps. and on the way home, we even were graced with the job of changing his dirty diaper in the smallest bathroom to ever exist. yes, he pooed right before take off, and it was a very pleasant twenty minutes for everyone sitting near us ha.

on saturday we woke early. like 5am early [thanks time change + toddlers]. we were welcomed by our lovely pons waiting for us in the desert. we spent the morning hunting lizards and then drove into tucson. we had lunch at the sweetest cafe that totally reminded me of the restaurant we ate at in charleston. those hidden alleys and back garden lots have a way of speaking to my soul. today would be the day the rest of the family would arrive. and the day of the big party! it was so fulfilling seeing all of the people come out to celebrate my mimi. she had the biggest smile on her face all night and i am just so happy we were there to surround her with extra love and to meet all of her friend’s that have turned into family for her.

on sunday we had a big ol’ bbq at my aunt + uncle’s house in tucson. the entire pain side family was there. if you remember, i finally got to visit with them after twenty years last winter, but my dad was unable to make the trip. so this made this trip that much more memorable. my dad + uncle are two peas in a pod and the entire family is loud and so full of love. the boys were sugared out from all of the sweet treats coming their way, along with the special candy straight from mexico. here’s a photo of all the cousins and our significant others.

we spent the rest of our time wandering canyons, adventuring further south to visit mimi’s home she built back in the day with grandpa kenny, visiting more friends, eating yummy food, and splashing by the pool. the week went entirely too fast. and i am already hoping for our next visit [just maybe not in the summer].


luggage: away; boys backpacks: so young; fern brimmed bonnet: briar ; sun bonnet: petite soul  ; our pons [sandals]: avarcas usa ; swimmers: kortni jeane ; mat : gathre

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