a letter to hayden

to my sweet baby boy,

you love, made me a mommy. and for that i am forever blessed. as i lay here next to you tonight, i’m staring at you a bit longer. just looking at every tiny feature, and taking it all in. you’ve grown, lots, since the day you were born. and even though some days i think you are such a big boy, you are still so, so little. your fingers are still chubby and dimples still rest near your knuckles. your little button nose sits perfectly in the middle of your face and your hand still gets lost in mine. you’re now curled up next to me, rubbing my arm, back and forth, as you slowly drift to sleep. you like to always have some part of your body touching mine. your daddy jokes that he either has a finger in the eye, an elbow in his mouth, or a foot up the butt.

you are funnier than heck lately and make me laugh hourly. you dance like a chicken and tilt your head sideways, nodding up and down, to the beat of the music. you say “oh my gosh” when you get excited and it absolutely  KILLS ME. play dough is currently a top five right now, along with trains, the toy story gang, farm things, and horses. your speech is becoming better daily, you recognize letters, and you can count to ten. you might beat up on your brother a tad bit much, and throw a tantrum here or there, but you really are kind hearted.

hayden, you have grown so much this past year, and although the twos could be terrible, it was more terribly good. i’m lucky to have been able to spend every day with you this past year. our family is beyond blessed to have you in our lives. you make every day better. tonight we prayed to God a little longer and thanked him for these past three years. you’re a beautiful gift and i love you so. happy number three little dude.

to the moon and back,


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