a lipstick for mama

i know by now you have probably heard all the rave, but when julie asked me to try this new product i was like, ABSOFREAKINLUTELY. and ladies, they have done it. they have created a smudge proof, kiss proof, eat your cheeseburger without getting a bottom lip proof lipstick. the brand? lip sense.

i mean, just look at how good it stays on! heart eyes. heart eyes. heart eyes.

to learn more, please head over to julie’s page, ‘lip stick with julie‘.


on lips: nude + with a clear gloss – on hands: nude + mulled wine


  1. chelsea jacobs January 16, 2017

    It’s so pretty! And I can’t believe it stays on so well! How is removing it??

  2. Lindsey January 18, 2017

    i know! i didn’t think it was possible. it comes with a remover and it just takes several coats/wiping and it’s completely off!


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