a little winter road trip

and by little, i mean long, very long. eleven states + four more repeats. eleven days. five thousand miles. six hotels. and seventy plus hours together in the car to be exact.

back in february, the four of us + my mom set out to arizona to stay with my grandma and visit family. of course along the way we had to take a slight detour to stop in waco [um hello, team chip and jo forever]. it was the best decision ever. i think my favorite part of the drive on the road trip was driving the back roads of texas. so peaceful. so beautiful.

enter tuscon. the cacti. swoon. the sunshine, refreshing. we spent the days wandering around the desert, snacking on whata burger + jack in the box, sipping on eegee’s, and visiting family. if you could believe me, it’s been twenty years since i’ve seen the majority of my family. they’re loud, hilarious, and so loving, and we just had the best time being with them. we rounded out arizona with a trip to the grand canyon. absolutely breath taking.

from there we headed to utah. um, hello red rock. you are just lovely.


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and of course, next was vail + denver. in vail village we stopped at a coffee shop my sister in law spent many days working at and caught up with a good friend. from there, the rest of the trip was well, not as exciting as the beginning.

and that wraps up our road trip. the boys did so much better than i ever expected. we laughed, we argued, we sang, we talked for hours. lots of movies were watched and lots of food was consumed. i am just positive that this will go down as one of my favorite vacations.

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  1. Ashley hunter May 4, 2016

    Hi my gorgeous friend!!! I am so excited to watch you grow as a blogger! Your pictures are beautiful, your words incredibly fitting and sweet. What an amazing gift to have for your children in their later years. Thank you for sharing yourself and your family with us!!! ?


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