a mama meet up

after arizona, we took the seven hour road trip over to california. the drive itself was beautiful. the view turned from desert, to sand dunes, to huge rock filled mountains that wined up and down the highway. and the weather, well it was a decent change from 107.

i’ve said it before, and i’ll probably say it at least 1000 more times, but i am so incredibly thankful for this community. it sure takes something special to develop lasting friendships. to have meaningful people in your lives who are there for you, your ups and downs, and who give constant encouragement through this season of motherhood. and when you get to meet some of those people, well that is the biggest blessing of all. and i got to do just that!

six mamas. ten kiddos. and a whole lot of gathre mats + love. lots of laughter as well. it was surreal hugging these women who i have been connected to for months, some years. to watch them mother their babies and to see them love on my own. i held back tears as i walked up to them for the first time. and i feel so incredibly lucky that we all made time to do this and that we were able to. it’ll be a night i’ll always remember, sitting on the lawn in downtown disney, eating pizza and trying to get everyone together for a photo [naturally].

love you girls!

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