a new planting season

“before the reward there must be labor. you plant before you harvest. you sow in tears before you reap joy.” – ralph ransom

spring has officially been underway here in ohio, and with spring brings a new planting season.  after what seemed like weeks and weeks of buckets of rain, the fields are finally dry enough and planting is in full force.  tractors fill the country roads as they head from field to field. planters are filled with soybeans + corn.  and it’s that time of year where we muster up goodbyes to daddy, and where i jokingly become single mama of two [but all joking aside, to the ones where this is the norm, and every day occurrence, i have the utmost respect for you. it is by no means easy. but you’re doing it. and you are amazing].  the days are long, but i’m sure they’re longer for my husband. he works so, so hard for us. i hope he knows how thankful and proud we are of him.

over the span of the last few days, the boys and i were lucky enough to visit daddy in the field several different times. it’s important for them to see what their daddy does. to appreciate what he does. but mostly, to just sit there and spend a few minutes of their day with him. and i know he needs that just as badly. of course we definitely made sure he didn’t go hungry while visiting, bringing him things like pasta, and sandwiches, and chocolate malts.

as we drove the countryside, hayden would point out every tractor asking, “this baba?”  he was so excited! excited to take a ride, excited to collect some  father-son time with cory. he beamed with joy as he took turns riding along. and finley, well he got to experience it all for the very first time. his eyes so big. his heart so full. i’m certain he will follow in his daddy’s footsteps, as he was so eager to hold on to that steering wheel and ‘drive’.

before we left tonight, hayden yelled back at cory with so much excitement and love in his voice, ” bye baba!” av a good day!” and that was the first time those words were spoken from that little mouth. i had the biggest smile on my face.

to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven … a time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted.  -ecclesiastes 3:1-2 kjv

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