a warm november day

on friday, it hit seventy- five degrees. seventy-five in late november! it was calm, and the warm sun hit our faces. it was the perfect day to get in one last zoo trip. mostly all the animals were out since it was so nice, so that made the experience all the better. we very quickly ran in to some friends, and hayden held hands with little evelyn pretty much the majority of the trip. it was too cute!

on our way out we ran into snoopy. finley had just had a major blow out and was sitting in his stroller when hayden and i decided to walk up to see snoopy! he said i had to hug him first and with that i looked down and finley was giving snoopy’s legs the biggest bear hug! he wasn’t afraid at all…unlike somebody else. needless to say, by the time we left they were both a bit upset.

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