i’m lindsey. my life is surrounded by boys and i just could not  be happier about it. one big one, i call him husband. two little ones, our sons – hayden + finley. and our fur baby ry. we call home an old brick house plopped down in the middle of the country. i’m a stay at home mama living on coffee + coke icees. most days you can find me in what i wore yesterday, with who knows what on me [cue toothpaste on the letter h]. here you’ll find all the things that make me, us happy. this is what being badenhop looks like.

our collaborations:

  • kid + kind
  • lost boy goods
  • fin & vince
  • stay sauve apparel
  • badger + rue
  • loved by sophia claire
  • nomiLu
  • north label
  • tiny love design

favorite features

  • today’s parent march issue
  • honest co. newsletter