apple picking

now that we have decided to officially say goodbye to summer [i know, i will regret this come a few weeks when it’s frigid], we thought there was no better way to say “hey fall, we’re ready for you” than by making a trip to the local orchard.

we walked up and down lanes, picking the juiciest apples we could find. the boys would yank as hard as they could, only to need help mama’s help on getting the apples off the branches. then they drop them into their basket and walk on to find the next best one.  until i showed them that they could taste test, then the picking was over and the feasting began.

we sat and snacked. we walked around the farm and visited all the animals. the donkey was too busy trying to eat fin’s pacifier, and well everything else. we picked out some cider and pumpkin donuts and we smiled. lots. 

market basket by plum and sparrow

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  1. chelsea jacobs September 22, 2016

    That little bonnet. I swoon.


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