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you guys, it’s semptember. which means, fall! it will be here so soon.  but before we get ahead of ourselves, here’s a peak at what we have been absolutely loving this  past month.

teami tea: i have been a big fan of this all natural loose leaf tea since the day it arrived at my doorstep. the relax tea is absolutely gorgeous. this tea reduces insomnia and you guessed it, promotes relaxation. the antibacterial effects can help prevent + treat colds. and it also can help soothe upset tummies. as for the skinny tea, well i love it because it helps boost your metabolism, raises energy, and suppresses all those breastfeeding sugar cravings this mama gets. you can find the teas here. and be sure to use my code ‘badenhop’ at checkout for 10% off your tea order!


wooden toy camera: this camera was one of hayden’s birthday presents and since, it has always been near. he likes having a camera just like mommy and he’s taken so many ‘photos’ of our summer together. and i’m a sucker for everything wood, so naturally i just adore it

detoxing face wipes: i freaked when i first saw these face wipes. adult acne is real guys. and for me, since  i was pregnant with finley my face has struggled. i first purchased these for my lazy days of face washing, but i’ve loved them so much that they have become part of my regular routine. and plus, every girl needs a little black wipe in their life.
market basket: i am basket obsessed. period. and this plum+sparrow market basket is my favorite. she has many different duties around here, from picking fresh veggies from the garden, to making sure we always know where finley’s wipes + diapers are, to housing blocks for the boys. i see many more in my future. you can find so many beautiful market baskets and more here.

wood watch: if you’ve been following along, you already know how much i love my wood watch. and it hasn’t left my side, i mean wrist [ha! i got jokes], this past month. a little fun fact; because it is made out of wood, all you essential oil lovers can add a drop or two of your favorite oil to diffuse from your watch. how cool is that?!
stain remover+oxy boost: i absolutely swear by this stain remover and this oxy boost combo. and over the past few months, we have been using them more than ever. summer brings grass stained shorts, berry filled tees, and whites that well, don’t end up all that white by the end of the day. these little miracle workers get the tough stains out every.single.time. we always have a small stash of the two in our laundry room. you can shop these honest co. products here


  1. chelsea jacobs September 2, 2016

    Ooh definitely trying those wipes!

    • Lindsey Pain September 8, 2016

      i hope you like!


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