badenhop best 2016

you guys. i have slacked. a few months ago, i introduced a new series to you all; badenhop best. after two runs, i completely was overwhelmed by doing all the fall activities. and then came thanksgiving. and quickly after, christmas. i totally dropped the ball. this year, i have high hopes of really balancing this whole blog/mama/wife life out. i hope to continue this series, because i really love to share what we are loving at home and in our lives with you all.

so for the first installment of badenhop best, i give you the best of 2016.



  1. gathre mat: we started the year off with one and quickly found ourselves with two; a midi and a maxi. each mat is made of beautiful leather and are completely versatile. we use ours inside for crafts or under the boys’ seats at the dinner table, or outside for picnics, play dates, and more.
  2. seventh generation products: this year we have been introduced to seventh generation, focusing on their free and clear line; no dyes + no fragrances. from diapers to shampoos, and laundry detergent to all purpose cleaner, our house has been completely stocked with seventh generation products. we just love them.
  3. tubby todd: another introduction to us this year and one that will stick with us for years to come. each tubby todd product is made with 100% natural ingredients that are simple and safe. bonus: they added a mama’s line! we absolutely LOVE their dream cream + all over ointment, and i have been spraying myself daily with the freshening spray.
  4. natursutten pacifiers: i am giving all the praise hands to these little guys, the soothers of my baby fin. we have spent the entire year using these. the reason why we love them? they are 100% natural. no artificial colors, no chemicals, no parabens, making them safe for baby.
  5. hazel village animals: the boys absolutely love their animals, and although we have so many other dolls + toys that we could easily choose too, these ones have been a part of our year the longest. the animals are individually handcrafted in nyc with organic cotton fleece, and wrapped up beautifully in a cotton bag with a satchel full of lavender inside.  and now, you can even get matching outfits for your kids! truly an heirloom for our family.


  1. cleansing grains: my face has been a total whirlwind this year. i blame motherhood, but honestly, it’s the worst it has been my entire life and i often find myself hiding behind things. i just recently came across urban oreganics; which is handcrafted in small batches using 100% natural ingredients. everything is organic + vegan. i am loving the detox  cleansing grains. use code ‘lindsey20’ for 20% off your purchase. 
  2. personalized jewelry: i have been a fan of personalized jewelry since the boys were both teeny tiny babes. my first piece was a tiny gold ring that spelled out ‘hayden’. i have since lost it, but it was always my absolute favorite. this year i have grown my collection by adding several meaningful pieces. check out bstampedbritt + james michelle + the shine project.
  3. wildbird sling:  this was my saving grace this past year. wherever i went, our wildbird sling went as well. i am bit embarrassed to share with your our “stash”, but let’s just say we now are the proud of owners of four. i know, this is not simplifying, buttttt…. one for home, car, diaper bag [insert tongue sticking out face here], you get it. they are just all so beautiful! the slings are offered in single  or double layer and are available  in linen, chambray, and bamboo.
  4. gigi pip hats: 2016 brought on the year of raising to wild boys, and the year of less hair washes. i have always had a love for hats, but this year, that love grew emensly. i love supporting mama shops, and this one is run by the sweetest. from beanies, to any style fedora, to baseball caps, gigi pip has you covered. literally. use code ‘badenhop’ for 20% off your purchase. 
  5. my diaper bags: oh the diaper bag. it is with us everywhere we go, so why not have a functional, yet cute bag. this year i carried a brand i first found when finley was born, along with coming across a new brand. both have been by my side throughout the past year. they are, fawn design; a versatile backpack, that can also be turned into a cross body and the gail satchel by newlie; a bag that by the looks of it you would never guess to be a diaper bag. both beautiful. both fully functional.




  1. chemex: i received this little guy for my birthday last year and i am currently wondering how i ever lived without him. i am sure he has been filling your feeds lately, but honestly, he’s more than just ‘for looks’. the flavor that is produced by using this pour-over coffee maker is out of this world. so good.
  2. olly vitamins: the boys are completely obsessed with taking vitamins, and who would i be to not think that is a good thing? we recently came across olly several months ago and it’s been love ever since. olly vitamins are available in children’s, women’s, and men’s.
  3. letterfolk board: a huge staple in our home this past year. it has been so fun changing them up and creating new sayings.
  4. stendig calendar: a huge calendar, that also works as decor. it is perfect. now to order one for 2017, because, mama needs to hide those giant holes from last year. and it just makes me so happy! [not seen here, because well, it’s long gone now. see a photo of it in our home here]
  5. diffusing + essential oils: diffusing is so important in our home. i think we now have a diffuser in every room, and now it all rides on if i remember to fill them in the morning/night. i’ve come across many diffusers throughout the past few years, but these are some of my favorites: the stadler by jasmine, doterra cloud [which i think is gone. insert sad face], and this wood one i found on amazon. you can shop our doterra oils here.




  1. mama bird tee: i just needed to add this here, because i honestly think i wore it weekly. and maybe sometimes multiple times a week. i also really love the bee & the fox’s ‘love your mother‘ and ‘mama tried‘ tees as well.
  2. knit overalls: we have only had these for the last month of the year, but man, they are love. actually, anything fin&vince is love.
  3. bonnets: i might cry the day finley can no longer wear a bonnet, but until then we are going bonnet crazy in here. a few of our favorites are from little pine outfitters, rylee & cru, and briar.
  4. rompers: i think one of my favorite style of clothing that the boys wear, is rompers. i love how easy they are to get on and off. but also, they are just always the sweetest pieces. check out these favorite small shops of ours for some romper love; fin & vince, little cotton wood, kid + kind, and rylee & cru. of course zara always has some great rompers as well, like this one.
  5. clogs: i remember wearing clogs back when i was a kid, but this year i decided to give them a try again. i mean seriously, thee comfiest/stylish shoe to chase your kids around in. i fell i love with these ones by lotta from stockholm.


  1. Vanessa January 6, 2017

    So funny I pretty much own all of this ?

    • Lindsey January 6, 2017

      hahah DOES NOT surprise me. you have good taste 😉

  2. chelseajacobs January 9, 2017

    I’ve heard such good things about the tubby todd line!

    • Lindsey January 11, 2017

      they are amazing!


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