a life update

hi sweet friends! these blog posts have been few and far in between lately and i promise there is a v good reason for that! firstly, summer is here. and boy does summer bring so many activities + get togethers. we’ve been on vacations, weekend getaways, soaking up the warm vitamin d in our backyard, taking boat rides on the river, and staying way too late. lately i have found myself completely overwhelmed and it has been so nice unplugging a bit more and just being there with my boys, literally watching them grow by the day. we’ve celebrated two birthdays this summer, which totally reminds myself that i need to post a hayden lane update. he is four now. F O U R.

we think these days go so incredibly fast, which i mean they do, but in all reality i feel like he has been here an entire lifetime with us. i hardly remember a time without him. so in all reality, four years sounds so completely short compared to a lifetime. but then i’m like, HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU FOUR. STOP GROWING. anyways, this should be for my hayden post. back to the update…

secondly, the v good reason for the time away. i feel so incredibly blessed to share with you all that we are expecting baby number three! yes, number three! i cannot even put into words how excited we are, just elated + on cloud nine. we found out as soon as we got home from our arizona/california vacation back in june and the very first people we shared our news with was of course, the boys. to hear them talk about the baby makes my heart explode. i know hayden will be my little sidekick and best helper and finley, well he keeps pointing to my tatas and saying “baby’s milk now?” but in all honesty, i know he is so ready for this role of big brother.

this little peanut is making me feel all the feels, including the lovely all day sickness. it’s been worse than ever before, but i constantly remind myself that this is such a good thing; a happy, healthy growing babe. the tiredness is so real, and most nights i am in bed before the boys. there’s been endless amounts of days of the boys watching way too much tv, followed with me lying on the couch next to them. but goodness, i wouldn’t trade this for anything.

we will be welcoming this little peanut in the winter, but until then, i’ll be filling all of these days with my two boys, soaking up our togetherness. watching my body change and work in such a beautiful way, taking in every little move this sweet baby makes, and praying. praying for a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby,  and for these two sweet boys to welcome this change with open arms. if you’re the praying type, we ask for you to join us in this exciting time. and we thank you for all the outpouring love we know this baby + family will receive from you all. you’re the best and we just are so happy you’re here with us on this next season of life!

xx lindsey

finley turns two

i’ll never fathom how time can go so incredibly fast, but yet it feels like you have been here with me an entire lifetime. you turned two this past week, and i remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. it’s been two full years of sweet snuggles, sloppy kisses, and love. two whole years of watching you grow, learn, and become the sweet little boy you are.

you are gentle. you are full of happiness. you make the world shine brighter each day and we are so blessed to have you in our family. i don’t think you’ll ever know how much i love you, but i hope when you look back at pictures or when you’re watching home videos you’ll feel that love. because my love for you is so immense.


  • you’re starting to talk in full sentences
  • you say “ummm” when you’re thinking of an answer
  • when i say ” i love you so much!” before bedtime you reply, “much!”
  • you still hate getting your hair washed
  • you cry for mo to sleep with you at night
  • speaking of going to bed you usually ask for “mommy’s room”
  • trolls is your all time, favorite movie
  • you kind of go potty on the toilet. only number two. and only like four times a month.
  • kid you are sugar obsessed.  you don’t get it often, but boy, watch out.
  • you know you’re name and say it perfectly!
  • your favorite food is burgers + chicken
  • you ask to say prayers at dinner
  • “oh shucks!” is your current favorite
  • all dogs + all cats are ry ry and mo mo

the most magical place on earth

originally when we planned this trip to arizona, we also planned on renting a car, as we would have to travel from phoenix to green valley. so using my most sweetest voice and reasoning, i somehow talked cory into the seven hour drive to disney. i have been dying to take the kids to disney since the day hayden laid eyes on mickey. now cory, he is a firm believer in not taking them until they are both older because, 1. it being so expensive to travel to florida + do the whole shebang and 2. well because they ‘won’t remember’.  i myself, always wanted to  see those faces light up because now is the time where they really are into mickey + the disney characters. so this trip to disneyland was absolutely in my favor. and my sweet parents were able to travel along with us and gift the day to the boys. my brother was able to come along for the fun as well!

we saw mickey + minnie as soon as we stepped foot into the park and i think i will always remember the look on the boys’ faces in that very moment. tears trying to roll down my cheek as i watched my babies light up with amazement. we of course, got the boys some ears before venturing any further and i got an iced coffee in my disney designed starbucks cup ha.

we rode ride after ride and after ride. and we listened to finley cry his hardest cry after each one ended. we met mickey and minnie and goofy and donald duck and pluto. we saw ariel in the parade. we ate more sugar than i think the boys have had in their lifetime by filling our bellies with donuts and suckers and dole whip and cotton candy and lemonade icees and kettle corn. we saw chad michael murray [gasp, i am oth obsessed]. we watched the light parade. we saw fireworks. we laughed. we got hangry. we got scared [well some of us – think haunted mansion. hayden closed his eyes the entire time. fin said “fun” when we were finished. and i wanted to buy the house]. we ate. we ate some more. we took hayden on his first roller coaster. and we rode more rides.

it was magical. the entire thing, the whole day. fourteen hours of magic to be exact.  i cannot feel more blessed that we got to do this with our family. side note, hayden asks to go to dinseyland every day now.

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