blueberry pickin’


on a hot [and i mean 90+ degrees hot] wednesday summer evening, we somehow talked daddy into going to the orchard to pick blueberries with us after work. it’s these activities that we spend doing together that mean so much to me.

finley spent the majority of the time eating the blueberries. the ripe ones. the not even close to being ready ones. the rotten ones. anything he could find really. and hayden, he actually picked more than he ate this year. he carried his little basket around and would fill it before dumping them into the box. somehow we managed to pick five pounds of blueberries in the short hour we were there. i cannot wait to make blueberry muffins + pancakes + smoothies and just munching on them as a frozen snack!


  1. Maria w August 1, 2016

    Great post! can’t wait to pick blueberries with my son next summer (he’s too itty bitty right now at 6 mo haha). I’d love to hear about your outfit details!

    • Lindsey Pain August 2, 2016

      Thanks mama! He is going to absolutely love it next year! This trip was so special because last year Finley was just a few weeks old. They look so much more grown up in these pictures compared to the last trip. So about my outfit! My top is from forever21 and my shorts are by madewell. Sandals from target! Thanks so much for reading along, Maria! Xo

  2. Sdw August 6, 2016

    Hi. Where is that little billed hat from? Thanks.


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