candle making

i’ve been wanting to make candles for some time now, so when i found the recipe on under a tin roof’s blog, i knew it was time. it didn’t take long at all and i only ruined both of my pans, my ladle, and a spoon during the process. hahaha. okay, so i would definitely recommend using your diy pans, which now after this disaster, i will have!

so here you have it, my safe, all natural beeswax candles.

i added several drops of each oil to create that perfect fall scent.


  1. Kayla Haupt October 29, 2016

    Aw! Thanks so much for linking our blog in this post! Your candles turned out lovely (: xoxo Kayla

    • Lindsey November 2, 2016

      of course lady!! it was so fun making them!


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