a nursery + guest room

oh hi friends, remember me?! it’s only been 8379027364390 days since my last blog post. honestly, some things have been weighing me down lately and on top of that you have pregnancy. it’s definitely a season of life and i am forever trying to balance it all. anyways, today i choose joy. and i choose to share a bit with you!

if you follow me on Instagram you might recall this time last year when i was desperately trying to talk cory into buying that perfect 1860s dream house or as hayden likes to call it; the white house with the green shutters. well, after much convincing, like A FREAKING LOT OF CONVINCING, i did realize it probably was just not in the best neighborhood for us. well, at the time i found this amazing jenny lind bed at our local antique shop for a steal of price. i couldn’t wait to set it up in the ‘new’ house. instead it sat. for a year.

fast forward a few months and finley is officially been moved into hayden’s room. since we usually wake up with both boys close by [aka foot to the face or finger in your eye kind of close], i decided to re-work the nursery, making it sort of like a guest room + nursery. which, will be absolutely perfect for those early days when we are nursing around the clock.

so here it is, not officially done, but in all it’s glory; the new nursery + guest room. if i am being honest, i’m sure it will change a few more times before baby comes. nesting is so real guys. so, so real.

we had the pleasure of working with the company store + lucid to make our guest room + nursery dreams possible. i already am counting down the days to co-sleeping with a sweet little babe because this mattress is AH-MA-ZING. and the sheets?! well this is the first time we have brought linen sheets into our home and let’s just say i may never go back.

here’s what is on our bed//

comfort wash solid linen bedding in white

gossamer blanket in white 

comfort wash solid linen duvet cover in parchment 

comfort wash solid linen shams in parchment

black label prima loft comforter

10 inch plush memory foam mattress

this post was created in partnership with the company store + lucid mattress. however, all opinions and feelings are my own. 

our little nugget, endless possibilities


a few weeks ago, we decided to get rid of our beloved teepee. this was fine with everyone, of course until it was not. the morning that we were sending it off, hayden was really upset. he didn’t want it to go to a new home, but i tried to explain to him that since we were not using it, someone else could give it more love. and maybe, possibly they needed it more.

later that evening, there was a special package waiting outside our door. and goodness it came at the most perfect time. inside, was like the best thing that has ever happened to these boys’ life. it was their new nugget.

the nugget is a couch with four pieces, for endless possibilities. the couch is made up of open-cell foam. the two main pieces fold up so nicely [and actually have a strap to be carried], making it extremely easy to move, yet a fully functional piece of furniture. the coolest part? the couch actually comes shipped in that little box!

so since we opened it up, the monkeys were set free. holy smokes i have never seen my kids play with one thing for so long. it’s their personal jungle gym, their reading nook, and their bed. and they just absolutely love it to death. so many happy hours spent on their nugget.

high five, nugget fam!


this post was created in partnership with nugget. however, all opinions + feelings  are my own. 

natural wool slippers

ya’ll, i cannot even with this weather currently. yesterday was eighty-five degrees. EIGHTY-FIVE. and it immediately had me wishing for more spring weather. well enter today. it has been grey + stormy one minute and bright + sunny the next. repeat. for the last five hours. but, i have two boys napping and i am just over here cinderellin’ away. sort of. mostly admiring these sweet slippers and staging my house. HA. i mean, if it makes ya happy…

so anyways, let’s talk about those slippers shall we. they are by the lovely haflinger. haflinger, located in goslar, is a company who’s mission is to create products in total unison with nature. and they do exactly that. our slippers are made with 100% wool, so your foot is surrounded by 100% natural material, always. the thing i absolutely love, is that wool is able to store it’s own humidity and because of that, your feet will stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer, making these slippers perfect for any time of the year. and also, making them incredibly comfortable. and i personally love how the styles of these are classic. but mainly, i just cannot get over those little tiny ones to the left of mine. SO SWEET

okay, back to cleaning i go [ or something like that ;)]


working mama

three years, eight months, six days, five hours, five minutes, and three seconds. or, one thousand three hundred and forty-seven days. that is how long  it has been since i last punched out. how long it has been since i said a final goodbye to my career working days. and also, how long i have been titled ‘stay at home mom’; the best job i have ever had the privilege of having.

but tomorrow, tomorrow starts day one back into the work field. of course, i have been watching little oliver for several months now, and have easily been itching my way into being known as a ‘work from home mama’, but this, this will be different. tomorrow i go back to work for someone else, and for in many ways, myself. tomorrow i will get myself up, get us ready and to babysitter’s on time. punch myself back in for the first time in a long time.

when the opportunity became available, i found myself intrigued and wanting to know more, but also extremely nervous. excited, and scared out of my mind. i spent days talking it out with cory and with friends [“should i do this?” “will i like it?” “will it be worth it?” “no, i think i should just stay home…” ]. hours praying to God to help guide me. and endless back and forth battles with myself. i remember so clearly the day the opportunity rose. it was several days after one of the hardest days i have had as a stay at home mom. you see, it’s definitely not all sunshine and rainbows, but i’ll save that for another post. literally days after this emotionally draining day, i had two opportunities for work come about. i knew this had to be God, saying it’s okay. that this is what would be best for our little family. what would be best for me, as their mother and nurturer, and teacher. and with that trust, is what ultimately led me to my decision to go back. for now, it will be part time.  very very part time. and only He knows what the future holds.

tomorrow, i go back to work. but today, today i snuggle those babies so, so hard. and love them with everything i have.

if you’re the praying kind, i please kindly ask for your prayers. prayers for me, and prayers for those sweet boys. prayers for our family during this transition. and for your love. 

wake up better

a few months ago, tuft & needle so generously gifted us our brand new  k i n g size bed. being a co-sleeping family, we desperately needed it. or more like, i desperately needed it. it was so funny, when our mattress first arrived i remembered telling hayden it was a new bed for mommy + daddy, to which he quickly replied back, ” no. for mommy + daddy + me + and finny.” touche kid. he was so, so right.


we waited until the hustle and bustle of christmas was over, and together unpackaged our new dream mattress. if you are unfamiliar with tuft & needle, their mattress are designed and manufactured right here in the united states. they are created of T&N adaptive foam and are made to keep you cool or warm while you are sleeping. and they come shipped to you in a small box. so that means, they magically unroll. the boys loved this part! and seriously, it was unbelievably easy.

the first night’s sleep was a dream. i wasn’t kicked or punched all night. i didn’t have fingers shoved up my nose. and best of all, i had more than one inch to sleep on, i had two!

it’s now been a little over thirty days of sleeping on our new mattress, and i can joyfully say my sleep has improved immensely. of course we are all fitting better, but before i would wake up with sharp back pains, which have now reduced tremendously. i am just so, so happy. there’s six of us sleeping in our bed, and i think we can all agree that we just love it. thank you tuft & needle for our new mattress!

this post was created in sponsorship with tuft & needle. however all opinions and feelings are my own. 

treats for our fur baby

the other day, we decided to show our fur brother and my first baby a little extra love. our rylee will be NINE years old this summer. i can hardly believe it. my first born is getting so, so old. he loves all the belly rubs, chasing his favorite toy [currently an armadillo] and is mildly obsessed with treats. i mean, he tricks you to think he needs to go potty just to get another treat. so for this valentine’s day, we wanted to make sure we didn’t forget to shower our pup with lots of love. so together we all decided to make him some yummy treats [ and yes maybe for the first time in those nine years].

pb + banana pup treats 


  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup oat flour
  • 2/3 cup rolled oats
  • 1/4 cup dried parsley
  • 1/4 cup dried mint
  • 3 tablespoons peanut butter
  • 1 egg, beaten


  • preheat oven to 300 degrees.
  • mash banana all up in a large bowl
  • add oat flour, oats, parsley, mint, peanut butter, and egg and stir it all together
  • let sit for five minutes
  • grab dog bone cookie cutter and mash a bunch of the ‘dough’ onto a piece of wax paper, leaving the mixture about 1/2 inch thick.
  • cut out treats [makes about two dozen] and place onto a parchment paper covered baking sheet
  • bake for 35-40 minutes or until bottoms of treats are golden brown
  • set aside and let cool completely
  • once cool, store in an airtight container


we couldn’t wait until valentine’s day to let rylee taste test. and honestly, at first he wanted nothing to do with them. poor finley was so upset, yelling “i-ee!”as he chased him down. i had to pick that babe up and sit him right in front of fin. as soon as he tasted that treat it was over. the two of the teamed up and i’m pretty sure he had half the batch within an hour. hashtag whoops.

anyways, if you have some little fur loves at home, i think you should make them something extra special this year too!

meet ‘bossy bray’

in case you we wondering we’ve gone off and gotten ourselves a maid. and yes, she has a name, and yes,  that name is bossy bray [courtesy of little hayden lane, himself]. seriously, where do they come up with some of these things?

so let me introduce you to bossy bray, our new bObi pet. bObsweep is a robotic vacuum cleaner, that can vacuum, sweep, and mop all at once. bObsweep is also  RoHS [restriction of hazardous substances] certified to ensure maximum customer safety and minimum environmental impact.  bObi pet, is all of those things you love about the classic, but with even more capabilities. she has increased vacuum power; to suck down deep and collect all of that hair, a longer battery life; to go farther and get more work done, and a great warranty; to always keep your floors nice and clean.

we instantly charged the boss girl as soon as she arrived to her new home. after a quick look through her manual, she was ready to go. seriously, bObi is really simple to use. simply turn her on and away she goes. the greatest thing, she wanders back to her ‘charging home’ as soon as she begins to feel weak. and i mean, you heard my say she mops right?! she mops!  bObi also comes with a remote control so you can program her to do specific cleanings on specific days at specific times.


hayden likes to be in charge of her. finny gives her kisses. rylee + mo chase her as she does her work. and me? well i have never been happier. before, i was finding myself pulling out our vacuum and broom every. single. day. sometimes multiple times a day. those fiber rugs sure are pretty, but my goodness, THE BIGGEST MESS.  not to mention the added toddlers. but not anymore! boss girl leaves our floors looking shiny and so, so clean. we can eat off the floor! [which the boys’ have already deemed doable].

even finley is hanging up his broom.


this post was created in partnership with bObsweep for review purposes. all opinions and feelings are my own.

badenhop best 2016

you guys. i have slacked. a few months ago, i introduced a new series to you all; badenhop best. after two runs, i completely was overwhelmed by doing all the fall activities. and then came thanksgiving. and quickly after, christmas. i totally dropped the ball. this year, i have high hopes of really balancing this whole blog/mama/wife life out. i hope to continue this series, because i really love to share what we are loving at home and in our lives with you all.

so for the first installment of badenhop best, i give you the best of 2016.



  1. gathre mat: we started the year off with one and quickly found ourselves with two; a midi and a maxi. each mat is made of beautiful leather and are completely versatile. we use ours inside for crafts or under the boys’ seats at the dinner table, or outside for picnics, play dates, and more.
  2. seventh generation products: this year we have been introduced to seventh generation, focusing on their free and clear line; no dyes + no fragrances. from diapers to shampoos, and laundry detergent to all purpose cleaner, our house has been completely stocked with seventh generation products. we just love them.
  3. tubby todd: another introduction to us this year and one that will stick with us for years to come. each tubby todd product is made with 100% natural ingredients that are simple and safe. bonus: they added a mama’s line! we absolutely LOVE their dream cream + all over ointment, and i have been spraying myself daily with the freshening spray.
  4. natursutten pacifiers: i am giving all the praise hands to these little guys, the soothers of my baby fin. we have spent the entire year using these. the reason why we love them? they are 100% natural. no artificial colors, no chemicals, no parabens, making them safe for baby.
  5. hazel village animals: the boys absolutely love their animals, and although we have so many other dolls + toys that we could easily choose too, these ones have been a part of our year the longest. the animals are individually handcrafted in nyc with organic cotton fleece, and wrapped up beautifully in a cotton bag with a satchel full of lavender inside.  and now, you can even get matching outfits for your kids! truly an heirloom for our family.


  1. cleansing grains: my face has been a total whirlwind this year. i blame motherhood, but honestly, it’s the worst it has been my entire life and i often find myself hiding behind things. i just recently came across urban oreganics; which is handcrafted in small batches using 100% natural ingredients. everything is organic + vegan. i am loving the detox  cleansing grains. use code ‘lindsey20’ for 20% off your purchase. 
  2. personalized jewelry: i have been a fan of personalized jewelry since the boys were both teeny tiny babes. my first piece was a tiny gold ring that spelled out ‘hayden’. i have since lost it, but it was always my absolute favorite. this year i have grown my collection by adding several meaningful pieces. check out bstampedbritt + james michelle + the shine project.
  3. wildbird sling:  this was my saving grace this past year. wherever i went, our wildbird sling went as well. i am bit embarrassed to share with your our “stash”, but let’s just say we now are the proud of owners of four. i know, this is not simplifying, buttttt…. one for home, car, diaper bag [insert tongue sticking out face here], you get it. they are just all so beautiful! the slings are offered in single  or double layer and are available  in linen, chambray, and bamboo.
  4. gigi pip hats: 2016 brought on the year of raising to wild boys, and the year of less hair washes. i have always had a love for hats, but this year, that love grew emensly. i love supporting mama shops, and this one is run by the sweetest. from beanies, to any style fedora, to baseball caps, gigi pip has you covered. literally. use code ‘badenhop’ for 20% off your purchase. 
  5. my diaper bags: oh the diaper bag. it is with us everywhere we go, so why not have a functional, yet cute bag. this year i carried a brand i first found when finley was born, along with coming across a new brand. both have been by my side throughout the past year. they are, fawn design; a versatile backpack, that can also be turned into a cross body and the gail satchel by newlie; a bag that by the looks of it you would never guess to be a diaper bag. both beautiful. both fully functional.




  1. chemex: i received this little guy for my birthday last year and i am currently wondering how i ever lived without him. i am sure he has been filling your feeds lately, but honestly, he’s more than just ‘for looks’. the flavor that is produced by using this pour-over coffee maker is out of this world. so good.
  2. olly vitamins: the boys are completely obsessed with taking vitamins, and who would i be to not think that is a good thing? we recently came across olly several months ago and it’s been love ever since. olly vitamins are available in children’s, women’s, and men’s.
  3. letterfolk board: a huge staple in our home this past year. it has been so fun changing them up and creating new sayings.
  4. stendig calendar: a huge calendar, that also works as decor. it is perfect. now to order one for 2017, because, mama needs to hide those giant holes from last year. and it just makes me so happy! [not seen here, because well, it’s long gone now. see a photo of it in our home here]
  5. diffusing + essential oils: diffusing is so important in our home. i think we now have a diffuser in every room, and now it all rides on if i remember to fill them in the morning/night. i’ve come across many diffusers throughout the past few years, but these are some of my favorites: the stadler by jasmine, doterra cloud [which i think is gone. insert sad face], and this wood one i found on amazon. you can shop our doterra oils here.




  1. mama bird tee: i just needed to add this here, because i honestly think i wore it weekly. and maybe sometimes multiple times a week. i also really love the bee & the fox’s ‘love your mother‘ and ‘mama tried‘ tees as well.
  2. knit overalls: we have only had these for the last month of the year, but man, they are love. actually, anything fin&vince is love.
  3. bonnets: i might cry the day finley can no longer wear a bonnet, but until then we are going bonnet crazy in here. a few of our favorites are from little pine outfitters, rylee & cru, and briar.
  4. rompers: i think one of my favorite style of clothing that the boys wear, is rompers. i love how easy they are to get on and off. but also, they are just always the sweetest pieces. check out these favorite small shops of ours for some romper love; fin & vince, little cotton wood, kid + kind, and rylee & cru. of course zara always has some great rompers as well, like this one.
  5. clogs: i remember wearing clogs back when i was a kid, but this year i decided to give them a try again. i mean seriously, thee comfiest/stylish shoe to chase your kids around in. i fell i love with these ones by lotta from stockholm.

decking those halls

one of my favorite traditions, that we just started last year, is making popcorn garland with the boys. in all honesty, i pretty much make the garland, while they eat it. and this year fin was able to join in on the popcorn stealing game! we usually string cranberries and popcorn together over hot chocolate and christmas music. this year, we decided to add to the tradition and whipped up some orange garland as well. to be noted: the boys enjoy the oranges just as much as the popcorn. so that was interesting.

what you’ll need:

  • a few navel oranges
  • fresh cranberries
  • popped popcorn [i actually found the few day old stale popcorn to work better, ha!]
  • a big needle. or plastic needle for the kiddos
  • twine
  • bakers twine

orange garland:

  • slice oranges and place on parchment paper and onto a baking sheet
  • bake oranges for about 3 hours on 200
  • string onto your twine [we tied some fresh pine needles to ours as well]

cranberry popcorn garland:

  • size your bakers twine to the length you will be using
  • tie your needle to the twine
  • and just push that needle through the cranberry. pull all the way to the end
  • do the same with the popcorn! and hopefully it won’t break off every other piece, ha.

okay, so both are totally simple and like i said so, so fun. and not to mention, they make your house smell yummy and they are just absolutely gorgeous to look at. and if your like me, you might just go a bit crazy decking those halls!

munks+me and us

we were recently were featured over at @ministyleblog to help portray these beautiful, kid friendly prints by munks+me. it was a dream to work with jamie on this little project. the boys each picked out [okay i picked them out] what prints they would be bringing into their room. some cutesy words for hayden along with mr. fox and a sweet little bear with more cutesy words for finley.

well, hayden being hayden, his are no longer hanging on his wall. he literally peeled off every piece of tape. insert sobbing face emoji here. but the story behind it is absolutely hilarious. he told me, “i don’t want to go to bed in my bed, the fox bad. the fox go…” and then literally made the same pointy face as the fox. i didn’t even know he could do that. i wish you all could have seen it. i literally died.

  mr. fox print; mr. bear print; you are my mini wonderful; just be you

seventh generation goes coco

this past month seventh generation dropped a brand new line, the coconut care line. free of mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, phthalates or formaldehyde donors, and sensitive enough for your baby’s sensitive skin. and the coconut smells so, so good. finley reaches for his “butt cream” every time we walk into his room and hayden loves a good coconut lotion massage. along with the new coconut care line, they also decided to give their diapers a new face lift; same goodness you love with an adorable new print. seventh generation products are slowly taking over our house and guys, i am not mad about it one bit. you can check out the products from the coconut care line here.

candle making

i’ve been wanting to make candles for some time now, so when i found the recipe on under a tin roof’s blog, i knew it was time. it didn’t take long at all and i only ruined both of my pans, my ladle, and a spoon during the process. hahaha. okay, so i would definitely recommend using your diy pans, which now after this disaster, i will have!

so here you have it, my safe, all natural beeswax candles.

i added several drops of each oil to create that perfect fall scent.

nature paint brushes

as you know, we just completed our nature trading club. with all of our findings, we decided to include some nature paint brushes for our new friends. these were super easy to make and even more fun to paint with. basically it’s really simple. and really cute:

collect some nature goodies

tie that said nature goody to the end of a twig

admire the pretties


paint your little heart out

hayden thought it was the neatest thing! make this your next craft. i promise you won’t regret it.

finley’s nursery tour

this is something i have been wanting to share for quite some time now and i am so happy to finally be doing so. back when we were pregnant with our sweet finley, we decided it would be best [and most economical] to keep the nursery the same and move hayden into his very own big boy room. you  see, from the beginning, hayden’s room was always gender neutral, so it would easily satisfy a new baby brother or a tiny little sister. but if  you know me, than you know this decision of keeping it the same was more than a bit hard, because well hello, #decoratingproblems

well fifteen months have now passed, and with a new banner here, a different shelf there,  lots of rearranging [only to be put back exactly how hayden had it. ha!], finley officially has a special space he can call his own. every piece that is housed his room is meaningful and well loved. there’s touches of old + new, bohemian and vintage. that blue dresser was one of the first pieces we brought home when we knew we were having hayden, and essentially the piece we decorated his room around. although i toy with the idea of stripping it back down to its natural state, there’s just something about it that keeps me from doing so. call it sentimental i guess. and let’s be honest, that would be just plain hard. 



crib: sorelle; crib sheet: pottery barn kids; duvet: ikea; rug: pottery barn kids; rocker: ikea; honeycomb shelf: handmade; wicker stool: ikea; dresser: loveleigh again; bookcase: ikea; banner: matriarch handmade; shelf: ikea; market basket: plum + sparrow; diapers and wipes: seventh generation; storage baskets: ikea; animals: hazel village and jellycat; piano: thrifted; hooded towel: more; embroidery: handmade; diffuser: doterra; crib mocks: freshly picked; wood blocks: little sapling toys; square print: artifact uprising;paci clips: nomilu and loved by sophia claire; teething necklace; nomilu; crown: oeuf; wood ‘f’ letter: harp design co.

nature trading club

over the past few weeks the boys and i have had such a fun time exploring our countryside and collecting pieces of nature for a sweet family in california. the reasoning? the nature trading club.

not only was it such a treat spending these days together, breathing in fresh air, and getting out to do something we don’t always think of doing, but i have loved seeing this world through their eyes. they both ‘ooooed and awwwwed’ as they wandered, stopping to admire a piece of nature. they stuck rocks in their pockets [and some in their mouth, ahem finley] and leaved in their baskets. we collected soy beans + corn from daddy’s field and ivy from our house. locust shells from the tree out back and acorns from our favorite park. and today we are packaging everything up and sending them off to their new home.

i know the boys are going to be smiling from ear to ear as we open our package when it arrives.

you can learn more about #thenaturetradingclub at little cottonwood.

the story box

for the past week, we have been passing around something  to each other, back and forth. the fevers are high, the tissues are being blown in to, and the coughing does not go unnoticed. we’ve decided to lay low, so when our story box arrived, the boys could hardly contain their excitement. before nap time, we took the box upstairs and tore into it.

so what is the story box? it is a monthly box of books for kids created by a husband and wife team! each box is under $20 and includes two new books for your family to keep. there are different ‘box’ choices to fit your families needs and you’ll also receive a tip card/parent guide inside. we picked the family package, which includes one board book for finley, and one picture book for hayden.

if you’re looking for a cute gift option, or a way to change up the regular ‘every night reading’ like us, then this monthly subscription box is just for you.

let’s get tubby

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
as a family, bath time around here is one of our favorite times of day. the boys get to splash  their little hearts out +  slowly wind down for the day. and cory and i get to share some time with them together. there we all sit, in the bathroom, as a family of four. when we got the chance to try out tubby todd, i jumped for it. i was so excited to give these a try,  knowing there was something for everyone in our family. tubby todd products are 100 percent natural, making them simple and safe. plus, the smell is everything.

i’ve been lucky enough to team up with them to give one of my followers a $30 shop credit! this giveaway is only running for 48 hours, so head on over to my instagram for all the lovely details. best of luck! xo

line drying + linen spray

one of my favorite things about summer, is hanging our clothes +linens out to dry to the warm sunshine. when we moved into our home, i was pleased to see the old hearted, very loved, clothesline on the side of our house.

i try to keep our laundry process at home as natural as possible, from the laundry soap we use, to the fabric softener i throw in [did you know vinegar is amazing for this?!]. i always like to add a drop or two of purify essential oil into the wash as well. and i don’t know what it is about line drying, but something about it makes laundry fun. i look forward to the daily chore and the boys love helping me. so besides the ‘feel good’, happy feelings i get, there are also a few other benefits from line drying as well. using a clothesline is environmental friendly, your clothes+linens will last longer, the sun is a natural whitener, goodbye wrinkles, and the smell is just divine. before taking everything off the line, i like to walk through, misting a linen spray just to give them a little something extra. this so happens to be hayden’s favorite part, well second to running through the sheets! if you’re searching for a linen spray for yourself, i hope you’ll like this one. now another day brings another load of laundry, so we’re off to conquer that pile. xo!

natural linen spray

2 cups distilled water

2 tablespoons witch hazel or vodka

30 drops essential oil; i used lavender.


finley’s wild rumpus

on sunday, we celebrated finley’s first birthday with family and friends. it was just the most perfect, beyond beautiful day celebrating our littlest love. he sure is one lucky fella. the love he received today, and every day, is such a blessing.



when it came time to decide on a theme, i loved the idea of a wild one. get it, he’s one. and he’s certainly wild. i mean, he was on the go-go-go the entire day. so i loved the idea of incorporating ‘where the wild things are’ into the party.  and so out came, finley’s wild rumpus.


food was eaten. cakes were smashed [literally + figuratively ]. presents were opened and played with. it also needs to be noted that finley would walk up to his cake, grab ahandful, and walk to the crowd to pick someone out to hand the piece to. such a sharer! we had the best time. and i cannot believe we now have a one year old. happiest birthday to our baby.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


banner by matriarch handmade; birth poster by the birth poster; letter board by letterfolk

on finley: romper by childhoods clothing, crown by oeuf nye, from fawn shoppe, moccs by little pine outfitters 

on hayden: shirt from zara, shorts by childhoods clothing 

on me: hat from forever21, dress from roolee, shoes by lotta from stockholm, watch by arvo

happy birthday, baby boy

my sweetest finley kai, the moment you came into this world you changed it for the better. your daddy, brother, and i cannot imagine doing life without you by our side. you bring happiness and pure joy into our home. it has been the biggest blessing watching you grow and show us who you really are over the past year. happy first birthday, baby boy. we love you so, so much. more than you’ll ever know.

on your first birthday you were greeted with balloons and french toast when you first woke up, which was well after 9:30am might i add. you definitely know how to get a birthday day started! we fed monkeys cheerios, pet camels [although that kind of scared you], mooed with the cows, and chased after prairie dogs at the zoo. golden hour boat rides for mexican was how we did dinner. more birthday songs were sang and we finished the night with a sweet treat of cake +berries +whipped cream. you had the happiest day. and i had the happiest time celebrating you.

a new planting season

“before the reward there must be labor. you plant before you harvest. you sow in tears before you reap joy.” – ralph ransom

spring has officially been underway here in ohio, and with spring brings a new planting season.  after what seemed like weeks and weeks of buckets of rain, the fields are finally dry enough and planting is in full force.  tractors fill the country roads as they head from field to field. planters are filled with soybeans + corn.  and it’s that time of year where we muster up goodbyes to daddy, and where i jokingly become single mama of two [but all joking aside, to the ones where this is the norm, and every day occurrence, i have the utmost respect for you. it is by no means easy. but you’re doing it. and you are amazing].  the days are long, but i’m sure they’re longer for my husband. he works so, so hard for us. i hope he knows how thankful and proud we are of him.

over the span of the last few days, the boys and i were lucky enough to visit daddy in the field several different times. it’s important for them to see what their daddy does. to appreciate what he does. but mostly, to just sit there and spend a few minutes of their day with him. and i know he needs that just as badly. of course we definitely made sure he didn’t go hungry while visiting, bringing him things like pasta, and sandwiches, and chocolate malts.

as we drove the countryside, hayden would point out every tractor asking, “this baba?”  he was so excited! excited to take a ride, excited to collect some  father-son time with cory. he beamed with joy as he took turns riding along. and finley, well he got to experience it all for the very first time. his eyes so big. his heart so full. i’m certain he will follow in his daddy’s footsteps, as he was so eager to hold on to that steering wheel and ‘drive’.

before we left tonight, hayden yelled back at cory with so much excitement and love in his voice, ” bye baba!” av a good day!” and that was the first time those words were spoken from that little mouth. i had the biggest smile on my face.

to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven … a time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted.  -ecclesiastes 3:1-2 kjv

a healthy treat

these cookies. yummy gooey chocolatey goodness. i have had the sweetest tooth lately (okay let’s be honest, i just want to eat everything in site) so this afternoon i whipped up a simple yummy treat for desert…or to snack on as soon as they were done baking. i think you will really like this one!

i stumbled upon this recipe a bit ago, while scrolling through endless amounts of “healthy” options and let me tell you, this one is heavenly. i mean, you won’t even feel bad if you eat half the batch! and that’s exactly what happens around here. they are so quick to disappear and rarely last a full two days in our home. if you’re feeling the need to indulge in a guilt free treat, make these! just do it.

healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

  • 3/4 cup oat flour – i grind old fashioned oats
  • 3/4 cup old-fashioned oats
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 3/4 tsp baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 large egg
  • 4 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil – melted
  • 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

in a medium bowl, stir oat flour, old-fashioned oats, cinnamon, baking soda, and salt together. i throw in a few tablespoons of chia seeds as well. in another bowl, stir together vanilla, egg, brown sugar, and coconut oil (make sure this is measured at liquid state). add dry ingredients to wet. fold in chocolate chips. i also add in a handful of raisins. cover bowl and chill for thirty minutes. bake in a 350 degree oven for 7-9 minutes. grab two at a time. enjoy!

on finley: onesie by fin & vince

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the bag

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the diaper bag. the black hole. the place where you go to grab something, and dig for like ever, pulling out every tiny thing, smushed puffs included. only to never really end up finding what you were looking for in the first place.  it’s the place where crumbled up receipts and lost hair ties go to die and where that cute paci clip has been hiding for the past month.

when we first had hayden, we had a ‘legit’ diaper bag. you know, the one with a million different compartments.  and we filled that thing to the max. mostly with everything we thought we needed.  it didn’t take us long to figure out that those ‘thoughts’ were just that. did i really need to be carrying a tube of vaseline, the snot sucker, an extra bottle for my breastfed baby, and nail clippers? absolutely not! as he grew, the two of us shared a bag and i got to ditch the extra load (and the commercialized diaper bag). now, carrying for both kids + myself, it is so important for us to simplify. the things we ‘think’ we might need, are now tucked away in a small basket we keep in the car.

here’s what our every day carrying looks like.

  • our diaper bag i recently was gifted this nena&co daybag II (similar here) from my sweet husband + boys for my birthday. and i am slightly obsessed. the patterns, the colors. the vintage fabric. the leather. it’s all so lovely and it has been the perfect size for the three of us.
  • swaddle blanket nursing cover. rain protector. nap cuddler. you name it, we will be using it for something. we love our lost boy goods blankets. made of bamboo muslin, they are hand dyed by the sweetest mama and are as soft as butter.
  • snacks i mean, when in doubt, hand the kids some food. #amiright we can never have enough snacks on hand and it’s the one thing i have to make sure we have packed and ready to go. total lifesaver. we have been huge fans of the happy family brand, and are super excited about these new ‘clearly crafted’ pouches. our snack container is the sumo snack stacker. it has two more stacks that can be attached and is perfect for extra long days.
  • binkies+toys  i always make sure we have one paci with a clip and one toy for each boy in the bag. anymore and it shifts back to the whole black hole mess. finley currently loves chomping on this teether. i love it because it’s free from all chemicals+toxins.
  • essential oils it’s essential (haha girl’s got jokes!) for us to carry hand sanitizer + a few essential oils that we use most. you can find more on essential oils here.
  • a bonnet mainly because it’s cute, but also to keep those little ears warm on chilly spring days. and here in ohio, those have been happening more than not. our  favorite bonnet is this one from briar handmade. it’s soft and the perfect neutral.
  • lotion dry hands + chapped skin. it’s a must. we’re currently using the ‘charity pot’ from lush.
  • our sling i just used a sling for the first time a few months ago and i am never looking back. seriously, i cannot say enough good things about our wildbird. it’s so easy to use and the fabric is super breathable. added bonus? the hip carry! can i get one in every color?! (okay that defeats the simplifying process, but still)
  • diapers+wipes+booty cream because hello, DIAPER bag! we’re proud supporters of the honest company for three years now. you can read more on who they are and what they have to offer here.

and that’s basically it! of course it’s always changing and we are always simplifying. but for now, these are the items we cannot get through the day without. our go-tos. our must haves. what are your favorite things to carry?

a garden to feed us

ah spring, it has to be my second favorite season. the sun starts shining more, the birds wake you up with their pretty songs, and there is so much new life [including the two litters of kittens we have out back]. my plant babies are sprouting new arms, the grass is turning green, and our trees and bushes are budding. but planting our garden, well that has to be my favorite part of spring.yesterday, the boys and i took a trip to a local greenhouse where we always buy a few tomato and pepper plants. and a few leads to a lot. this year when we pulled up, to our surprise it wasn’t open yet and with our luck, was opening in a few days. so what did we do? well of course we took this as a sign to try out a new place, so we hopped back in the car and drove a few miles down the road. perfect idea. this beauty had five different greenhouses, filled with plants + flowers + cacti + veggies and fruits. hayden even tried to convince me into taking home the two little parakeets that we’re ‘free to a good home’. it didn’t work.

we spent the rest of the afternoon planting little seeds + the plants we picked out at the greenhouse. hayden dug tiny little holes for me, and sprinkled the dirt back into the hole for me. fin, well he had more fun trying to eat everything. including that dirt.

soon there will be snap peas and red peppers to munch on. sunflowers blooming so big as they look over our garden. tomatoes that we will turn into pasta, and sauce, and salsa. spinach to add to our afternoon smoothies. fresh herbs to spice up our eats. and plenty of green veggies to make us happy.

in our garden:

  • blackberries
  • carrots
  • cauliflower
  • cucumber
  • green beans
  • green + yellow + red peppers
  • jalapeños
  • onions
  • romaine
  • snap peas
  • spinach
  • strawberries
  • tomatoes
  • zucchini

on hayden:

fin&vince stripe romper, freshly picked ‘weathered brown’ moccs

on finley:

fin&vince tomato romper, freshly picked ‘weathered brown’ moccs, nomiLU classic beaded pacifier clip

natural cleaning our home

when we were blessed with our sweet hayden, it became clear to us, that we should rid our home of chemicals and toxins to our best ability [it’s all about balance, right?! balancing out the bowl of lucky charms i will eat, with the natural cleaner. you get the picture].  to do and to use things more naturally. having him really opened up our eyes to the idea of it all. i wanted to do better for him, be better for him. this is when the idea of essential oils really came into play for us.  we use our oils endless amounts of ways [immune system support, beauty products, a calming baby lotion, brighten our moods, and even to spice up our food to name a few] but one of our favorite ways to use them in our home, is to create natural cleaning products. not only are homemade cleaners cheaper in the long run, they’re safer [no yucky chemicals or toxins here] to use and just as effective. a win win, if you ask me!

today i found myself whipping up some new cleaning solutions and a yummy air freshener while the boys were napping.  bonus? it took all but ten minutes. i’ve  definitely found different recipes along the way, and i am usually switching it up, but these are my current favorites. i hope you find them useful! happy cleaning! xo

all purpose spray:

  • 1 1/2cups distilled water
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 30 drops essential oil – i like 15 lemon + 15 lavender

disinfecting spray:

  • 1 1/2 cups distilled water
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 30 drops essential oil – i like on guard

freshening spray:

  • 1 3/4 cups distilled water
  • 1/4 cup witch hazel
  • 30 drops essential oil – i like 10 drops lavender + 10 drops lemon + 10 drops rosemary or 8 drops lemon + 8 drops lime + 8 drops grapefruit + 8 drops wild orange or 30 drops purify

mix all ingredients together, and store in an amber spray bottle. these recipes work for 16 oz bottles.

this is us

hi there! i’m lindsey. and those three handsome boys are my life. the biggest one all the way to the left  is my high school sweetie + husband, cory. and the two littles in our arms are our sons + biggest loves, hayden and finley. our fur baby rylee rounds out this tiny tribe. we call ohio home and reside in the county on our little funny farm. i’m a stay at home mama, living in a boys world. this is our little spot to share peaks into our life + all things that make us smile. i’m so happy you’re here. thank you for coming!