a life update

hi sweet friends! these blog posts have been few and far in between lately and i promise there is a v good reason for that! firstly, summer is here. and boy does summer bring so many activities + get togethers. we’ve been on vacations, weekend getaways, soaking up the warm vitamin d in our backyard, taking boat rides on the river, and staying way too late. lately i have found myself completely overwhelmed and it has been so nice unplugging a bit more and just being there with my boys, literally watching them grow by the day. we’ve celebrated two birthdays this summer, which totally reminds myself that i need to post a hayden lane update. he is four now. F O U R.

we think these days go so incredibly fast, which i mean they do, but in all reality i feel like he has been here an entire lifetime with us. i hardly remember a time without him. so in all reality, four years sounds so completely short compared to a lifetime. but then i’m like, HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU FOUR. STOP GROWING. anyways, this should be for my hayden post. back to the update…

secondly, the v good reason for the time away. i feel so incredibly blessed to share with you all that we are expecting baby number three! yes, number three! i cannot even put into words how excited we are, just elated + on cloud nine. we found out as soon as we got home from our arizona/california vacation back in june and the very first people we shared our news with was of course, the boys. to hear them talk about the baby makes my heart explode. i know hayden will be my little sidekick and best helper and finley, well he keeps pointing to my tatas and saying “baby’s milk now?” but in all honesty, i know he is so ready for this role of big brother.

this little peanut is making me feel all the feels, including the lovely all day sickness. it’s been worse than ever before, but i constantly remind myself that this is such a good thing; a happy, healthy growing babe. the tiredness is so real, and most nights i am in bed before the boys. there’s been endless amounts of days of the boys watching way too much tv, followed with me lying on the couch next to them. but goodness, i wouldn’t trade this for anything.

we will be welcoming this little peanut in the winter, but until then, i’ll be filling all of these days with my two boys, soaking up our togetherness. watching my body change and work in such a beautiful way, taking in every little move this sweet baby makes, and praying. praying for a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby,  and for these two sweet boys to welcome this change with open arms. if you’re the praying type, we ask for you to join us in this exciting time. and we thank you for all the outpouring love we know this baby + family will receive from you all. you’re the best and we just are so happy you’re here with us on this next season of life!

xx lindsey

zoo days in january

um, hi it was 60 degrees on sunday. in january. in ohio.

so of course we made a visit to the zoo after church. the fresh air was good for our quarantined winter souls, and the boys burned off so much energy running around.



goodbye twenty sixteen

in all honesty, i always get a little sad to wave goodbye to the year that is ending. although the years are filled with the bad stuff, there is so much more good. this year was actually pretty good to us. we celebrated finley’s first birthday, hayden started preschool, we sat back as we watched their brotherly love take off. we praised Him when we found out finley didn’t need surgery, there were no trips to the er for hayden, and i’ve gotten more sleep this past year than in a long time. cory gained more farm ground and i began blogging as a career. it was all so good. of course there were plenty of hard moments that came, too. followed by lots of tears.

but here we are, 2017 is ending, but the anticipation for what the new year will bring, and all the many more memories to be made, that is what makes me so excited for the year to come. i am not making any silly resolutions this year that i know i won’t keep, instead i am hoping to be better, in many ways really. for me. for the boys. for our family. to look back on all the light that shined throughout twenty sixteen and continuing growing that good.

happy new year’s eve friends. i hope your 2017 is filled with many blessings.


the christmas season

i can hardly believe december has come and gone. christmas happened within a blink of an eye. and now it about to be 2017.

our christmas was pretty special. this year, i tried to fit in as many christmasy crafts as i could with the boys. we drank lots of hot cocoa, strung our garland, baked cookies, made santa hats, created christmas games, and even finished those salt dough ornaments.

on the eve of christmas eve, both boys sat on our laps as we sat back in awe at our beautiful church’s christmas service. it magically snowed as we sang and fin tapped his foot to the sounds, while hayden stared at all the pretty lights. we were reminded that sometimes the greatest gifts come in unexpected places. and mostly, we celebrated Him. the boys came home to christmas eve boxes and our night was consumed by homemade pizzas, frosty the snowman, and more hot cocoa. before bed we sat under hayden’s lit christmas tree and read a few of our favorite christmas books, and of course ended with ’twas the night before christmas’. the next few days were wrapped up in family.


one and a half

december 13, 2016. eighteen months. one and a half years young.


  • getting fully undressed and running around nakey
  • playing hide and seek with brother. you even “count”.
  • snacks + sugar, although you rarely get the later. and you make that known.
  • your kitty, maximus
  • using mommy as a pacifier. currently has stopped using your own.
  • snuggles
  • reading ‘goodnight moon’ + ‘little blue truck’
  • having a blankey

your smile is contagious and your, excuse my language, resting bitch face is on point [is it even called that for boys,]. you’re seriously snack obsessed and it’s becoming quite the problem. cheerios, fruit snacks, raisins, fruit bars…it’s always something. you cry and whine until you get your way. you say “eeeeeease” and “ank ooh” and well, make the noise for welcome, but i know it’s exactly what you mean. you cuddle, hard. you run, fast. and you just started beating up your brother, probably to get back at him for all those times. all. those. times. you squeeze my face before planting the biggest, juiciest kiss on my lips. and when i say i love you, you say it right back.

you’re growing up so fast right before my eyes, and i am seeing what a sweet, kind hearted, funny little boy you are becoming. i just love you so, so much.


christmas traditions

sitting here thinking, and can’t help but smile over our christmas traditions. there ever changing and we are always adding new ones, but there’s some that have been apart of our lives for years. and that is so special. i’d love to know, what are some of your family’s holiday traditions?

our christmas traditions

this one has become a new one since we have had the boys. starting last year, we go to a christmas tree farm to walk acres and acres to find out perfect christmas tree. we watch together as our tree gets cut down and drink hot cocoa while it gets prepared to come home with us.

that night, we gather around the tree and decorate it. the past two years cory and i have done most of the decorating. hayden has been eager to help this past year, and finley was eager to take all the ornaments back off. we sip more hot cocoa and always have elf playing in the background.

we always have a cookie bake day with a dear friend

every year we go to the lights before christmas at the zoo. the dancing trees are always our favorite and for me, this says christmas is almost here!

our garland making afternoon

one year, i wrapped a book for every day in december. boy was that pricey. and honestly, on the third day i found hayden unwrapping the remainder of the books. so that was fun. we never did that again. instead, this year i am going to make christmas eve eve boxes. a movie, christmas pajamas, and some hot cocoa mix.

we attend christmas mass on christmas eve eve and again on christmas eve

we have christmas eve game night at my in laws, and my family comes too. it’s probably my favorite night of the year. it includes so much yummy food, lots of strong drinks, and loud laughter.

we always include giving in some shape or form throughout the season. our favorite is filling a shoe box for a child in need.

of course, watching all the christmassy movies.

reading ’twas the night before christmas’ and leaving santa cookies + the reindeer carrots before bed.

driving around and looking at all of the pretty lights.

matching christmas jammies on christmas morning.

first snow day

it’s finally happened. it took through the second week of december, but we have snow. and for finley, it was kind of like the first time all over again. he was just six months young last year during our first snow fall. at first, he took a few small steps out the door. then, the biggest grin you ever did see never left his face. he was busy scooping up snow with an old lemonade cup and dumping it right out. and then of course, there were handfuls after handfuls of snow shoving right into his own mouth. he squealed and laughed. and i was just so happy watching him take it all in, even watching hayden really. watching them grow and discover new things is such a magical feeling.

a christmas card

we are totally slacking this year. we didn’t take fall photos. and we never got around to taking christmas photos either. i just realized it’s december eighth. so when the boys woke up from a late nap the other day, we rushed at getting them dressed, and tried to beat the sun going down as we drove over to my parent’s house to snap some pictures. it went a little something like this:

oh christmas tree

sunday, after church, we headed to the local christmas tree farm. cory carried finley around the majority of the time, as he nestled his tiny head next to cory’s body and snored the hours away. we walked acres upon acres as we hunted for ‘the one’.  hayden only fell down four times during this walk, but the last one left him in a pile of burrs, to which he demanded i did not pick off of him. and boy did he sob [he might havee missed naptime]. we finally found the one. she was just the right size, with the perfect amount of plump, hayden loved her. we all stood back as we watched her fall down and get carried off to get ready to come home.

we saw the big guy in the red suit [even daddy sat on his lap!] and hayden asked for a blue truck. finley cried. we sipped hot cocoa and scarfed down hot dogs by a giant bonfire. and now that we are home, and as tradition goes, elf is playing on the tv in the background as we decorate the tree together.

play quilt by little balenacarrier by miamily

knit beanie and black bear sweatshirt by rylee & cru

trick or treat

when i asked the hayden what he wanted to be this year for halloween he shouted out, “a cow! and fin is a duck! and mommy is a pig. and daddy a ontey[donkey].” before, i have just always decided what we were going to be, but when he knew exactly what he wanted to be, well i obviously had to go with it!! i put on my thinking cap on how to make it a bit more ‘original’ and that’s when the lightbulb went off. the boys’ favorite book happens to be ‘little blue truck’ and that was just perfect! i quickly put the hubs to work and after some tape, lots of cardboard, some spray paint + detailing, little blue was born.

as for the whole trick or treating thing, the boys were in absolute candy heaven.

little boo at the zoo

it was cold, extremely windy, and we spent the majority of the day driving around trying to find a brown shirt because the boys’ costumes didn’t come in time, but we had such a fun time trick or treating at the zoo.

because of the rain, cory actually was able to tag along. his first time! hayden wanted to go through the line as many times as he could, and finley would walk right up and hold his bag open. he’d put it back and just before we would reach the next station, he’d do it all over again. by far the cutest!


family farms + corn mazes

it’s been raining, a lot, here off and on, so we’ve been extra lucky to have cory home with us. especially over the weekend. fall is always so exciting. there’s so many fun activities to do, but for us, that usually means daddy missing out. you see harvest just happens to basically be fall. and that makes us sad.

we basically did all the fall things this weekend. and on sunday we hit up the local family farm + corn maze. it was a crisp 70 degrees and a beautiful two mile bike ride. finley and i shared a carmel apple sucker [okay only during the fall do i allow myself one of these, and i’m still kicking myself for letting fin get a few licks, but…he’s bossy] and pointed out all the cows as we pedaled along the country roads, wind in our face.

i mentioned the rain right? well rain equals mud. lots of mud. probably not the best day for the maze but we had the best time. the best messy, muddy time.



apple picking. again.

it’s fall. that’s my excuse.

i walked over and found him like this, inside the market bag. so brother joined the lounging.

i walked over and found him like this, inside the market bag. so brother joined the lounging.

i joke with everyone that this will be our biweekly routine. i’ll try to not take any photos next time [ha].


on hayden: shirt by zara, jeans with braces by zara; sneakers by zara

on finley: knit bonnet  + mocks by little pine outfitters; long johns by rylee&cru

on me: tee by the bee and the fox, shirt from forever 21, pants from forever21; boots by free people; eye glasses by wary parker 


apple picking

now that we have decided to officially say goodbye to summer [i know, i will regret this come a few weeks when it’s frigid], we thought there was no better way to say “hey fall, we’re ready for you” than by making a trip to the local orchard.

we walked up and down lanes, picking the juiciest apples we could find. the boys would yank as hard as they could, only to need help mama’s help on getting the apples off the branches. then they drop them into their basket and walk on to find the next best one.  until i showed them that they could taste test, then the picking was over and the feasting began.

we sat and snacked. we walked around the farm and visited all the animals. the donkey was too busy trying to eat fin’s pacifier, and well everything else. we picked out some cider and pumpkin donuts and we smiled. lots. 

market basket by plum and sparrow

chicago weekend

that time we talked the husband in to tagging along on one of our many chicago adventures. i think he had a good time.

this time we headed over to help my little sister move in to her new place. and every time i visit, i just want to pack this crew up and call chicago home. i told my sister she needed to get a two bedroom so we could stay while cory’s working. well, she got a one bedroom. on the third floor. with no elevator. oh, okay.

my first juicing experience needed to be noted, and this place did not disappoint. it’s called owen+alchemy and it was to die for.


our summer beach family vacation

this past weekend, we finally got to take that little family beach vacation that we have been waiting all summer for. it was completely last minute, and not really planned, but i think those end up being the best trips. we decided to head north and explore the west coast of michigan.

on friday, we found ourselves in the cutest charming little town of south haven. we wandered the downtown and walked along the channel, stopping for a fish dinner at the tavern. we woke to a crisp, cool morning and gathered coffees for us + almond milk for the littles from a local cafe before heading down to check out the beach.

we wrangled the sticky, sandy babes and put them in the car and we continued heading north, this time ending up in holland. and you guessed it, another charming lake town.    we  grabbed the most delish sandwiches from a deli and continued driving up the coast to grand haven, where we would spend the remainder of the afternoon splashing in the lake and building sand castles.


on sunday, we woke up in manistee. this was probably the quietest, smallest town. we sipped on coffees in such a serene garden, where the children played on a tiny playground. we met the nicest man, that owned such a darling little barber shop. another hour in the car and we made it to sleeping bear sand dunes national park. we walked through a trail through the woods, and through a little lake. climbing up sand dunes before being greeted with a breathtaking view. the water was an icy cold blue, and the sand was so light. we picnicked on the beach, and basked in the sun.

our trip was short, but oh so special. who knew such beauty was so close to home.

in our backyard

i call this our backyard, but in reality it’s a few miles up the road, and coincidentally a few miles from the house i grew up in. but for some reason, i have never been here, until last year. this is the river falls.

we spend most of our weekends exploring here, after late night bike rides or afternoon hiking trips. at the bottom of the falls lies a little beach, where there are old signs of campfires left from past goers, that looks out to the river. occasionally the boys splash in the falls for a little cool down, or hayden races daddy to the other side. i’m not sure what took me so long to stumble upon this little gem, but i am so happy the boys will have so many memories centered around this place.

on hayden: shirt by izzy&ferd, shorts from gap, sandals by salt water sandals

on finley: tank by izzy&ferd, shorts from gap, sandals from old navy, bonnet by fin&vince; paci clip by nomilu

two days in the windy city

chicago. so good to see you again.

this past week, my parents were heading to chicago to visit old friends. naturally, the boys and i decided to tag along. i take any opportunity i can to get us out of the house for a few days, because, staying at home can make you feel all sorts of crazy sometimes.

we got up bright and early tuesday morning and headed straight downtown. we spent the day singing and eating ice cream in the middle of a park, eating chicago style dogs [for the first time!],  saying hi to the fishies at the aquarium, while running away from the snakes, and the night splashing by the pool, eating some pasta.

the next morning we woke filled our bellies with eggs, pancakes, bacon, and hash browns and hayden headed out for another little swim lesson at the house. afternoon came, and we took the train into the city. we stopped at a little tavern for lunch and i had the most delicious chicken club + cider then off to do touristy things, like climb the sears tower. i’m actually pretty proud of myself for not having a full on panic attack. for dinner we met up with my sister and obviously scarfed down giordano’s. i mean, yum. it was a leave the city really late kind of night, get home at three in the morning. it was fun. and just what we needed, a change of scenery. until next time, chicago!

on hayden: tee by the bee and the fox, shorts from gap, romper by north, sandals by salt water sandals; camera by bud&thistle

on finley: onesie by the bee and the fox, shorts from gap, overalls by oshkosh [vintage], sandals by salt water sandals; paci clip by nomilu 

on me: romper from forever21, sandals from target, watch by arvo; sling by wildbird

blueberry pickin’


on a hot [and i mean 90+ degrees hot] wednesday summer evening, we somehow talked daddy into going to the orchard to pick blueberries with us after work. it’s these activities that we spend doing together that mean so much to me.

finley spent the majority of the time eating the blueberries. the ripe ones. the not even close to being ready ones. the rotten ones. anything he could find really. and hayden, he actually picked more than he ate this year. he carried his little basket around and would fill it before dumping them into the box. somehow we managed to pick five pounds of blueberries in the short hour we were there. i cannot wait to make blueberry muffins + pancakes + smoothies and just munching on them as a frozen snack!

let’s get tubby

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
as a family, bath time around here is one of our favorite times of day. the boys get to splash  their little hearts out +  slowly wind down for the day. and cory and i get to share some time with them together. there we all sit, in the bathroom, as a family of four. when we got the chance to try out tubby todd, i jumped for it. i was so excited to give these a try,  knowing there was something for everyone in our family. tubby todd products are 100 percent natural, making them simple and safe. plus, the smell is everything.

i’ve been lucky enough to team up with them to give one of my followers a $30 shop credit! this giveaway is only running for 48 hours, so head on over to my instagram for all the lovely details. best of luck! xo

picnic partying

on sunday, we threw together a tiny little party with our family to celebrate our soon to be three year old. we picnicked for lunch at the river, munching on things like bbq chicken, macaroni + broccoli salads, veggies, chips, and lots of cake. we took boat rides and splashed in the water. naps were skipped, but the fun wasn’t. hayden talked about how his friends came and ‘ate his cake’ the entire night, and well the next day too. i think it’s safe to say he definitely enjoyed his day.

a beach daycation

on friday, hayden saw me post a picture of the beach. as soon as he saw it he was all, “i want to go to the beach. i want to go to the beach, ya! ya! ya! ya!” over and over and over again. this pretty much went on the majority of the morning. no, the majority of the day! at one point we even had to make a phone call to daddy to tell him all about his grand plans.  and he even came down the stairs with a handful of underwear and socks, saying “i go to the beach!’ bless his heart.

but we live in ohio. and the closest ‘beach’ [you know, the whole ocean +beach combo thing] is hours away [emphasis on the hours part]. so we sat there thinking for a bit, and that’s when the lightbulb went off. what if we took a day trip to lake michigan?! water + beach, problem solved. we woke up a little extra early saturday morning, piled in the car, and started down the road. in three short hours hayden had his beach. and finley would be able to experience the beach for the first time.

we decided to stop at warren dunes state park. the water was blue, there was a nice little river behind the lake where the kids splashed and swam. we built the tallest sand castles, hunted down the softest rocks, climbed the sand dunes, and munched on chips and demo snacks. hayden would ribbit like a frog across the river, and finley, well he just munched on sticks the entire time. and he definitely was not afraid of putting his face in the water. both boys were just so, so happy. once leaving the beach, the boys were snoozing hard as soon as they hit their seats. we stopped at a local cafe for take out, where we got the yummiest pizza i have ever tasted. our car is covered in sand, we might be a little crispy, but this first beach trip as a family of four is one for the books. i’m already daydreaming of our next mini road trip back.

market bag by maewoven; beach mat by gathre

on hayden: swim shorts by swim zip, fedora from h&m 

on finley: swim shirt from gap, swim diaper by honest co., sun hat from gap, bonnet by fin & vince; doll by hazel village; blanket by lostboy goods 

on me: swim separates by kortni jeans; mama bird tee by the bee & the fox, denim shorts by madewell, hat from old navy, sandals by saltwater sandals;  sling by wildbird

strawberry pickin’

happy first day of summer! what’s summer anyways if you don’t make a trip to pick some berries? we went to a local orchard this morning, and spent a good hour picking the juiciest, yummiest, ripe red strawberries. hayden diligently looked over each one before he would place it in his basket. finley sat in the same spot for a good twenty minutes stuffing his face with whatever he picked. it was then, when hayden realized he could get a taste of them too. and then this mama had to hustle to keep up! the sun was beating down on us, but there was the most perfect breeze cooling us off. the boys were covered in juice, their bodies stained red, but boy did we al enjoy ourselves. we will be eating strawberry ice cream, strawberry jam, and strawberry shortcake for days!

on hayden: tee from old navy, shorts from gap, sandals by saltwater sandals, fedora from h&m

on finley: onesie by fin & vince, bloomers by billie blooms, sandals by saltwater sandals, bonnet by fin & vince 

finley’s wild rumpus

on sunday, we celebrated finley’s first birthday with family and friends. it was just the most perfect, beyond beautiful day celebrating our littlest love. he sure is one lucky fella. the love he received today, and every day, is such a blessing.



when it came time to decide on a theme, i loved the idea of a wild one. get it, he’s one. and he’s certainly wild. i mean, he was on the go-go-go the entire day. so i loved the idea of incorporating ‘where the wild things are’ into the party.  and so out came, finley’s wild rumpus.


food was eaten. cakes were smashed [literally + figuratively ]. presents were opened and played with. it also needs to be noted that finley would walk up to his cake, grab ahandful, and walk to the crowd to pick someone out to hand the piece to. such a sharer! we had the best time. and i cannot believe we now have a one year old. happiest birthday to our baby.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


banner by matriarch handmade; birth poster by the birth poster; letter board by letterfolk

on finley: romper by childhoods clothing, crown by oeuf nye, from fawn shoppe, moccs by little pine outfitters 

on hayden: shirt from zara, shorts by childhoods clothing 

on me: hat from forever21, dress from roolee, shoes by lotta from stockholm, watch by arvo

happy birthday, baby boy

my sweetest finley kai, the moment you came into this world you changed it for the better. your daddy, brother, and i cannot imagine doing life without you by our side. you bring happiness and pure joy into our home. it has been the biggest blessing watching you grow and show us who you really are over the past year. happy first birthday, baby boy. we love you so, so much. more than you’ll ever know.

on your first birthday you were greeted with balloons and french toast when you first woke up, which was well after 9:30am might i add. you definitely know how to get a birthday day started! we fed monkeys cheerios, pet camels [although that kind of scared you], mooed with the cows, and chased after prairie dogs at the zoo. golden hour boat rides for mexican was how we did dinner. more birthday songs were sang and we finished the night with a sweet treat of cake +berries +whipped cream. you had the happiest day. and i had the happiest time celebrating you.

finley’s birth story

one year. three hundred and sixty-six [hello leap year] days. twelve months. that is how much time has passed [come monday] since the day our sweet finley kai was born. june 13, 2015, i remember it like it was yesterday. probably because i swear it was. time is a beautiful beast of a blessing, isn’t it?

the week you were born, i was feeling contractions on and off. daily. hourly. on friday, they were a bit more continuous, not extremely painful, but there. around 5:00pm i decided i should make a trip to the hospital. you see, i was already 4cm dilated and 80% effaced and completely terrified of having you at home. so i grabbed grandma, and we headed to her work, the hospital where i would be delivering you. we slipped into a room and she put me on the monitor. contractions were coming, but not close enough to be in labor.  we sat there for about 45 minutes, just watching the screen and talking, mostly about you. the nurse came in and said she could check me if i wanted, just to give me a little peace of mind. i absolutely was on board with this idea! to our surprise, i was now 5cm and even more effaced and with that, the doctor was called. while the nurse stepped out to call, i remember calling your dad and telling him that it was just a false alarm and that since we were in town, we should all meet up for pizza [biggest pregnancy craving and well, okay it’s always a craving], that we would be leaving the hospital soon. several minutes passed and in came the nurse. we would not be getting that pizza. your doctor decided we needed to stay. you were coming!

i remember going through every emotion. i think the hardest part of pregnancy is the uncertainty of when baby is coming. how baby will come. how far along baby will be. i was overjoyed that i would be meeting you sometime soon. that in a short while i would know if you were a tiny baby boy or a sweet little girl.  would you look like daddy? what color hair would you have? and then the nerves set in too. holy crap i have to birth another baby! phone calls were made, and soon everyone started arriving to the hospital. and you better believe that room was filled with essential oils. balance + serenity in the diffuser. clary calm on pressure point and tummy to get things going. deep blue all over my back, you know, every 5 minutes. i’m pretty positive you could probably smell my room from the hospital entrance.

around 8pm the doctor came in to break my water. i stayed 5cms for quite some time. probably because i laid in that bed, just waiting for something to happen. ha. throughout my pregnancy i  decided that i really want to try delivering with no medicine. some thought i was completely crazy [cue grandma + daddy] when i told them this, others were completely supportive. i guess i never thought i would end up making it through the delivery without getting an epidural at some point, so i never mentally prepared myself. luckily, i had my mom, who is an ob nurse, a friend, and my photographer in the room. all three had natural births. i leaned on them so much during your birth.


by 10pm i had progressed to about 7cms. until then, labor wasn’t too bad.  there we’re lots of giggles + walks + massages. honestly, i was quite surprised at how well my body was handling it. having an epidural with hayden at 5cms, i really did not know what to expect, other than that i would most likely need to get the epidural. well then came the peanut pillow. um hello, game changer. after that i started progressing extremely fast. the room could not be cold enough and i was completely starting to rethink my ‘birthing plan’. i couldn’t get comfortable to save my life and i just remember moving constantly. honestly, the rest is kind of a painful blur. i remember looking over to my mom and telling her i couldn’t wait any longer and needed to push this baby out. i was just getting ready to start when in walked our doctor. everyone said it was just like the movies, you know, where the doors go swinging open and the doctor slips on their scrubs and rushes over.  three sets of pushes and six minutes later i heard the sweetest cry accompanied by, “it’s a baby boy!”

our precious baby boy, he was here. 12:58am. all eight pounds, 20.25 inches of him. twelve days early. in that moment i completely ‘forgot’ that i was just finding out what you were. i think my mama heart knew all along that you were our little boy. i was the least bit shocked. the next moments were spent with happy tears, kisses, and i love yous. staring at you in awe and just soaking you all in. the world was ready to meet you, to meet finley kai.

birth photography by the lovely emily tesnow 

memorial day weekend

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetthe majority of our memorial day weekend was spent down by the river. and it’s probably where you will find us for the better part of the summer. this year it’s going to be even sweeter, having both of our parents camping next door to each other.

we took our first boat ride of the season. tasted our first marshmallow toasted by the fire. and had our first of many barbecues.

on hayden:  swim trunks by fin & vince, hat by slyfox threads

on finley:  swim diaper by honest co, swim shirt by swim zip, brimmed bonnet by briar // blanket by lostboygoods

a day trip to the children’s zoo

we’ve been waiting since last summer to make a trip back to the children’s zoo. so on monday, we did just that, grandma included. we enjoyed a sky safari over the african journey, feeding the giraffes, taking pony rides, and roaming around the indiana family farm. okay, really we enjoyed every bit of it and we’re already planning our trip back with daddy.

on hayden: romper by fin & vince, hat by slyfox threads 

on finley: tee by the bee & the fox co., bloomers by billie blooms, brimmed bonnet by briar, shoes from saltwater sandals // paci clip by nomilu

on me: tank by the bee & the fox co., jeans from h&m

a new planting season

“before the reward there must be labor. you plant before you harvest. you sow in tears before you reap joy.” – ralph ransom

spring has officially been underway here in ohio, and with spring brings a new planting season.  after what seemed like weeks and weeks of buckets of rain, the fields are finally dry enough and planting is in full force.  tractors fill the country roads as they head from field to field. planters are filled with soybeans + corn.  and it’s that time of year where we muster up goodbyes to daddy, and where i jokingly become single mama of two [but all joking aside, to the ones where this is the norm, and every day occurrence, i have the utmost respect for you. it is by no means easy. but you’re doing it. and you are amazing].  the days are long, but i’m sure they’re longer for my husband. he works so, so hard for us. i hope he knows how thankful and proud we are of him.

over the span of the last few days, the boys and i were lucky enough to visit daddy in the field several different times. it’s important for them to see what their daddy does. to appreciate what he does. but mostly, to just sit there and spend a few minutes of their day with him. and i know he needs that just as badly. of course we definitely made sure he didn’t go hungry while visiting, bringing him things like pasta, and sandwiches, and chocolate malts.

as we drove the countryside, hayden would point out every tractor asking, “this baba?”  he was so excited! excited to take a ride, excited to collect some  father-son time with cory. he beamed with joy as he took turns riding along. and finley, well he got to experience it all for the very first time. his eyes so big. his heart so full. i’m certain he will follow in his daddy’s footsteps, as he was so eager to hold on to that steering wheel and ‘drive’.

before we left tonight, hayden yelled back at cory with so much excitement and love in his voice, ” bye baba!” av a good day!” and that was the first time those words were spoken from that little mouth. i had the biggest smile on my face.

to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven … a time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted.  -ecclesiastes 3:1-2 kjv

the bag

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the diaper bag. the black hole. the place where you go to grab something, and dig for like ever, pulling out every tiny thing, smushed puffs included. only to never really end up finding what you were looking for in the first place.  it’s the place where crumbled up receipts and lost hair ties go to die and where that cute paci clip has been hiding for the past month.

when we first had hayden, we had a ‘legit’ diaper bag. you know, the one with a million different compartments.  and we filled that thing to the max. mostly with everything we thought we needed.  it didn’t take us long to figure out that those ‘thoughts’ were just that. did i really need to be carrying a tube of vaseline, the snot sucker, an extra bottle for my breastfed baby, and nail clippers? absolutely not! as he grew, the two of us shared a bag and i got to ditch the extra load (and the commercialized diaper bag). now, carrying for both kids + myself, it is so important for us to simplify. the things we ‘think’ we might need, are now tucked away in a small basket we keep in the car.

here’s what our every day carrying looks like.

  • our diaper bag i recently was gifted this nena&co daybag II (similar here) from my sweet husband + boys for my birthday. and i am slightly obsessed. the patterns, the colors. the vintage fabric. the leather. it’s all so lovely and it has been the perfect size for the three of us.
  • swaddle blanket nursing cover. rain protector. nap cuddler. you name it, we will be using it for something. we love our lost boy goods blankets. made of bamboo muslin, they are hand dyed by the sweetest mama and are as soft as butter.
  • snacks i mean, when in doubt, hand the kids some food. #amiright we can never have enough snacks on hand and it’s the one thing i have to make sure we have packed and ready to go. total lifesaver. we have been huge fans of the happy family brand, and are super excited about these new ‘clearly crafted’ pouches. our snack container is the sumo snack stacker. it has two more stacks that can be attached and is perfect for extra long days.
  • binkies+toys  i always make sure we have one paci with a clip and one toy for each boy in the bag. anymore and it shifts back to the whole black hole mess. finley currently loves chomping on this teether. i love it because it’s free from all chemicals+toxins.
  • essential oils it’s essential (haha girl’s got jokes!) for us to carry hand sanitizer + a few essential oils that we use most. you can find more on essential oils here.
  • a bonnet mainly because it’s cute, but also to keep those little ears warm on chilly spring days. and here in ohio, those have been happening more than not. our  favorite bonnet is this one from briar handmade. it’s soft and the perfect neutral.
  • lotion dry hands + chapped skin. it’s a must. we’re currently using the ‘charity pot’ from lush.
  • our sling i just used a sling for the first time a few months ago and i am never looking back. seriously, i cannot say enough good things about our wildbird. it’s so easy to use and the fabric is super breathable. added bonus? the hip carry! can i get one in every color?! (okay that defeats the simplifying process, but still)
  • diapers+wipes+booty cream because hello, DIAPER bag! we’re proud supporters of the honest company for three years now. you can read more on who they are and what they have to offer here.

and that’s basically it! of course it’s always changing and we are always simplifying. but for now, these are the items we cannot get through the day without. our go-tos. our must haves. what are your favorite things to carry?

growing up finley – 10 months

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ten months. ten incredibly fast months with our sweet finley. they say it goes by fast, but i swear the second one grows even quicker.

kid, you are obsessed with eating. food is your jam, and you’re on the ‘see food’ diet. twenty whole pounds, but those yummy rolls are slowly disappearing. i must figure out a way to fatten you back up! ‘dada’ is your go to word. it’s what is mostly coming out of your mouth lately. along with the drool. boy! you got four feeth all at the same time this month! you decided to take your first steps this month, too. well, three to be exact. i’m so proud of you, and so happy, but my mama heart aches a tad that her baby is growing into a little boy.

when i’m holding you, you lean all the way in, face right in front of mine. as close as it can get. and smile so big as you nod your head and begin to chuckle. you give the best open mouthed, sloppy kisses, and even say ‘mwah’ after you smack one on me.

as soon as daddy gets home you crawl super speed over to him and reach for him to pick you up. once you’re nice and high and in arms reach, that hat is yours. you take it off his head over and over and over and …. laughing non stop.

little boy you are sweet, loving, demanding, and absolutely hilarious. you make this mama very, very happy. we are so blessed to have you.

on finley:

the bee and the fox ‘baby bird’ t-shirt / briar handmade ‘natural stripe’ bonnet / lost boy goods ‘hadley’ swaddle blanket

monday adventures

hello spring, i finally see you. it was a gorgeous sunshine day, with temps reaching all the way to 85. yes, i said 85! my sister is in town, so we decided it was a perfect day to pack up the boys and head to the zoo for our first trip of the year.

i’ll never forget the squeals as finley put his little hands on the glass to see the polar bears. i think i spent the majority of the day, just staring at him in awe. i can’t explain the feeling i had watching him take in everything for the first time at this stage in his life. he just makes my mama heart sing.

the day was spent gazing at monkeys, flamingos, and rhinos. sitting under a tree scarfing down hot dogs + french fries. and chasing each other in the forest. the boys fell asleep as soon as their bottoms hit their carseats and i got to hit target alone while all three napped in the car [and seriously, i scored the best deals! cartwheel app anyone?!]. once we were home, we sat outside picking bouquets of dandelions and drawing blue horses with chalk. a perfect monday if you ask me.

on hayden:

slyfox threads hat zara teefin&vince ‘blah’ shorts /freshly picked ‘just a slice’ next step shoe 

on finley:

baby gap fedora /  zara tee / billie blooms ‘dylan’ bloomers / freshly picked ‘red rock’ moccs 

we’re lunching on our gathre mat

a little winter road trip

and by little, i mean long, very long. eleven states + four more repeats. eleven days. five thousand miles. six hotels. and seventy plus hours together in the car to be exact.

back in february, the four of us + my mom set out to arizona to stay with my grandma and visit family. of course along the way we had to take a slight detour to stop in waco [um hello, team chip and jo forever]. it was the best decision ever. i think my favorite part of the drive on the road trip was driving the back roads of texas. so peaceful. so beautiful.

enter tuscon. the cacti. swoon. the sunshine, refreshing. we spent the days wandering around the desert, snacking on whata burger + jack in the box, sipping on eegee’s, and visiting family. if you could believe me, it’s been twenty years since i’ve seen the majority of my family. they’re loud, hilarious, and so loving, and we just had the best time being with them. we rounded out arizona with a trip to the grand canyon. absolutely breath taking.

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this is us

hi there! i’m lindsey. and those three handsome boys are my life. the biggest one all the way to the left  is my high school sweetie + husband, cory. and the two littles in our arms are our sons + biggest loves, hayden and finley. our fur baby rylee rounds out this tiny tribe. we call ohio home and reside in the county on our little funny farm. i’m a stay at home mama, living in a boys world. this is our little spot to share peaks into our life + all things that make us smile. i’m so happy you’re here. thank you for coming!