charleston + i do

back in the middle of may, the boys and i road tripped to south carolina for our sweet friend’s wedding. ever since our big road trip last winter, the boys both do really well in the car. hayden gets super excited about finding a ‘bed’ [aka hotel] and helping pump the gas. we sing songs, watch movies, color, snack, and i always pack some fun learning activities for them to do as well. so for this trip, going down we split the hours by stopping our fist night in tennessee, but on the way home we rocked out those thirteen hours. and my wonderful husby drove the entire time.


we only had three short days in the warm sunshine, but we were sure to jam pack those three days. as soon as we landed in charleston, we stopped at our friends’ home to visit and get a personal golf cart ride around downtown. their home is absolutely breathtaking. actually, all of charleston is. it’s old, and historical, and every building makes you drool. i know a longer trip is in our future, because i am sure there is so much that we missed.

after we said our goodbyes, we headed to the isle of palms, where we would be staying the rest of the time. so we thought we were staying right in the hotel where the wedding reception would be [i mean, this is what we had booked], but instead we were sent a little ways down the road into a two bedroom [four bed] condo. it was huge! and definitely made it feel more like a ‘beach’ vacation. upon arriving, we were all outside on our back deck checking it out, and there’s a sign that reads ‘don’t feed the alligators’.  i mean, i’ve seen plenty of these types of signs on vacations before, but we would never actually see an alligator. well we saw one. twice. and we also saw sharks. lots of them. thanks to our friendly little shark fisherman friend. he was just reeeeeeling them in! [yeah, i will not be going far into the ocean ever again…]


hayden + cory let finley and i sleep in and left to pick us up some yummy breakfast and coffees. today was BEACH day!! we packed up our things and left to have some fun in the sun. this was finley’s first time to the ocean. he absolutely loved it!!! we could not keep that little fish out of the water. and hayden was having the time of his life, too! as for me, my heart was filled with so much love + happiness. the biggest smile never left my face, watching my babies play in the sand, chase daddy in the water, and just take in the beach itself. the reset button was definitely set on this day.

after a few hours, we headed back to the room to get ready for rehearsal + dinner. dinner was at 82 queen in a beautiful outdoor setting. and the food? TO DIE FOR. cory had crab cakes and i had bbq shrimp + grits. i’m drooling just thinking about it. and the rosé was flowing. after dinner, hayden desperately wanted ice cream and we hit up jeni’s for our first time. yes, we had to leave ohio to have jeni’s for the first time haha. i think she stole all of our hearts. the best ice cream i have ever had.

wedding day

the big day was finally here. we woke up early and spent the morning getting all glammed up, and then crying all of our makeup off when mandy walked out to unveil her look.  she was the most beautiful bride in the land. drop dead gorgeous. and that dress…oh. we hopped on our party bus and headed to boone hall plantation for the first look. this was one of my most favorite parts of the day, to see casey seeing his bride and the love that poured down his face soon after saying hello. it was such a beautiful thing to witness. with casey in tow, we took the bus downtown charleston to snap some more photos. and then, before we knew it, we were headed back to the beach for the big i do!

one of my sweet ring bearers must of had a little too much sun and was at home getting sick. i felt so sad that i couldn’t be there with him, and even more sad that he had to miss out on the main reason for our trip. but hayden, oh he did an amazing job walking down the isle holding his sign. he had me in tears. the wedding was beautiful, as we heard the sounds of the ocean and stood on a blanket of seashells. and the reception was beyond perfect. i am so happy for them and feel so incredibly blessed that we all apart of their special day. it’s a time i know we will always remember.


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