christmas traditions

sitting here thinking, and can’t help but smile over our christmas traditions. there ever changing and we are always adding new ones, but there’s some that have been apart of our lives for years. and that is so special. i’d love to know, what are some of your family’s holiday traditions?

our christmas traditions

this one has become a new one since we have had the boys. starting last year, we go to a christmas tree farm to walk acres and acres to find out perfect christmas tree. we watch together as our tree gets cut down and drink hot cocoa while it gets prepared to come home with us.

that night, we gather around the tree and decorate it. the past two years cory and i have done most of the decorating. hayden has been eager to help this past year, and finley was eager to take all the ornaments back off. we sip more hot cocoa and always have elf playing in the background.

we always have a cookie bake day with a dear friend

every year we go to the lights before christmas at the zoo. the dancing trees are always our favorite and for me, this says christmas is almost here!

our garland making afternoon

one year, i wrapped a book for every day in december. boy was that pricey. and honestly, on the third day i found hayden unwrapping the remainder of the books. so that was fun. we never did that again. instead, this year i am going to make christmas eve eve boxes. a movie, christmas pajamas, and some hot cocoa mix.

we attend christmas mass on christmas eve eve and again on christmas eve

we have christmas eve game night at my in laws, and my family comes too. it’s probably my favorite night of the year. it includes so much yummy food, lots of strong drinks, and loud laughter.

we always include giving in some shape or form throughout the season. our favorite is filling a shoe box for a child in need.

of course, watching all the christmassy movies.

reading ’twas the night before christmas’ and leaving santa cookies + the reindeer carrots before bed.

driving around and looking at all of the pretty lights.

matching christmas jammies on christmas morning.

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