classroom valentines + minted

okay, so we talked about my excitement over valentine’s day, but honestly, i might be most excited for this. this year will be hayden’s first valentine’s day party at school! the day will be filled with books of love, lots of treats, games, and handing out little valentines to all of his friends. i mean, can you even handle a bunch of three year olds passing out valentines to each other?! because i can’t! TOO CUTE [insert heart eyes +sob face here].

we were so happy to work with minted this holiday of love [who knew they had the sweetest classroom valentines cards!], and i think hayden was even happier that he found the perfect valentine for his friends at school; dinosaurs. RAWR.

so every time i ask hayden what his friends’ names are at school he says, “i don’t know”. i chuckle because, honestly he gives me that answer for everything i ask him about school. boys. anyways, you could say we had extra fun addressing the cards for each friend this year as we stared at his classroom photo. and hopefully he learned their names [ha].  after the name game, he carefully picked out the dinosaurs he wanted to give each friend, and i tied them up as we attached them to their special cards. finley did a lot of grabbing and playing as he tried to help, too.

he is so excited for his party and to hand out his treats. and i am so excited for him! i guess this probably means i should start making his valentine’s day box! any guesses what he will want it to be?

there is still time to order you classroom cards! to get your order by monday, februray 13th, rush order by today. and if you are lucky like us with a later party date, you still have a few days to get those cards in!

classroom cards shown are ‘dino-mite’ 

this post was created in sponsorship with minted. however, all opinions and feelings are my own. 


  1. Jessica Wagner February 7, 2017

    So cute!!! They turned out Dino-mite!! 😆 We are Dino fans over here as well! Noah insisted on some {generic} Star Wars cards to pass out, but we still need to make a box! Happy Feb!! 💋🌹❤️

    • Lindsey February 13, 2017

      thanks jess!! hey, star wars is just as fun!! I still need to make a box as well. Looks like i know what i will be getting into today haha.


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