decking those halls

one of my favorite traditions, that we just started last year, is making popcorn garland with the boys. in all honesty, i pretty much make the garland, while they eat it. and this year fin was able to join in on the popcorn stealing game! we usually string cranberries and popcorn together over hot chocolate and christmas music. this year, we decided to add to the tradition and whipped up some orange garland as well. to be noted: the boys enjoy the oranges just as much as the popcorn. so that was interesting.

what you’ll need:

  • a few navel oranges
  • fresh cranberries
  • popped popcorn [i actually found the few day old stale popcorn to work better, ha!]
  • a big needle. or plastic needle for the kiddos
  • twine
  • bakers twine

orange garland:

  • slice oranges and place on parchment paper and onto a baking sheet
  • bake oranges for about 3 hours on 200
  • string onto your twine [we tied some fresh pine needles to ours as well]

cranberry popcorn garland:

  • size your bakers twine to the length you will be using
  • tie your needle to the twine
  • and just push that needle through the cranberry. pull all the way to the end
  • do the same with the popcorn! and hopefully it won’t break off every other piece, ha.

okay, so both are totally simple and like i said so, so fun. and not to mention, they make your house smell yummy and they are just absolutely gorgeous to look at. and if your like me, you might just go a bit crazy decking those halls!

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  1. chelsea jacobs December 12, 2016

    So pretty and festive!


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