family farms + corn mazes

it’s been raining, a lot, here off and on, so we’ve been extra lucky to have cory home with us. especially over the weekend. fall is always so exciting. there’s so many fun activities to do, but for us, that usually means daddy missing out. you see harvest just happens to basically be fall. and that makes us sad.

we basically did all the fall things this weekend. and on sunday we hit up the local family farm + corn maze. it was a crisp 70 degrees and a beautiful two mile bike ride. finley and i shared a carmel apple sucker [okay only during the fall do i allow myself one of these, and i’m still kicking myself for letting fin get a few licks, but…he’s bossy] and pointed out all the cows as we pedaled along the country roads, wind in our face.

i mentioned the rain right? well rain equals mud. lots of mud. probably not the best day for the maze but we had the best time. the best messy, muddy time.



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