finley turns two

i’ll never fathom how time can go so incredibly fast, but yet it feels like you have been here with me an entire lifetime. you turned two this past week, and i remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. it’s been two full years of sweet snuggles, sloppy kisses, and love. two whole years of watching you grow, learn, and become the sweet little boy you are.

you are gentle. you are full of happiness. you make the world shine brighter each day and we are so blessed to have you in our family. i don’t think you’ll ever know how much i love you, but i hope when you look back at pictures or when you’re watching home videos you’ll feel that love. because my love for you is so immense.


  • you’re starting to talk in full sentences
  • you say “ummm” when you’re thinking of an answer
  • when i say ” i love you so much!” before bedtime you reply, “much!”
  • you still hate getting your hair washed
  • you cry for mo to sleep with you at night
  • speaking of going to bed you usually ask for “mommy’s room”
  • trolls is your all time, favorite movie
  • you kind of go potty on the toilet. only number two. and only like four times a month.
  • kid you are sugar obsessed.  you don’t get it often, but boy, watch out.
  • you know you’re name and say it perfectly!
  • your favorite food is burgers + chicken
  • you ask to say prayers at dinner
  • “oh shucks!” is your current favorite
  • all dogs + all cats are ry ry and mo mo

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  1. chelseajacobs June 21, 2017

    happy birthday, little lovey!


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