growing up finley – 10 months

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ten months. ten incredibly fast months with our sweet finley. they say it goes by fast, but i swear the second one grows even quicker.

kid, you are obsessed with eating. food is your jam, and you’re on the ‘see food’ diet. twenty whole pounds, but those yummy rolls are slowly disappearing. i must figure out a way to fatten you back up! ‘dada’ is your go to word. it’s what is mostly coming out of your mouth lately. along with the drool. boy! you got four feeth all at the same time this month! you decided to take your first steps this month, too. well, three to be exact. i’m so proud of you, and so happy, but my mama heart aches a tad that her baby is growing into a little boy.

when i’m holding you, you lean all the way in, face right in front of mine. as close as it can get. and smile so big as you nod your head and begin to chuckle. you give the best open mouthed, sloppy kisses, and even say ‘mwah’ after you smack one on me.

as soon as daddy gets home you crawl super speed over to him and reach for him to pick you up. once you’re nice and high and in arms reach, that hat is yours. you take it off his head over and over and over and …. laughing non stop.

little boy you are sweet, loving, demanding, and absolutely hilarious. you make this mama very, very happy. we are so blessed to have you.

on finley:

the bee and the fox ‘baby bird’ t-shirt / briar handmade ‘natural stripe’ bonnet / lost boy goods ‘hadley’ swaddle blanket

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