hayden and finley + dockatot

we first heard about dockatot when finley was a couple of months old. and i think he was eight months by the time we finally bit the bullet and purchased the deluxe. it was everything we were missing. he quickly grew out of the deluxe and we passed it on to our sweet friends.

fast forward a few months and we were thrilled when a dockatot grand arrived at our doorstep. i mean the box alone was endless hours of fun for the boys, but i knew this would be special. because it would be just the right size for the both of them, something they both could use and love.

the boys cuddle together, nap, and lounge around the house. they like it because it soothes them and is oh so comfy. and i like it because they feel extra protected doing so [okay, and the naps might be a tad bit longer]. and as for the box, well it is actually still sitting close by and is currently being used as a ship, gate, or cave. maybe it will get put away. someday.


  1. Luce October 24, 2016

    amazing article and pictures ! Glad i stumbled upon your ig feed and blog !

    • Lindsey November 18, 2016

      i’m glad you did too 😉 thanks!


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