in our backyard

i call this our backyard, but in reality it’s a few miles up the road, and coincidentally a few miles from the house i grew up in. but for some reason, i have never been here, until last year. this is the river falls.

we spend most of our weekends exploring here, after late night bike rides or afternoon hiking trips. at the bottom of the falls lies a little beach, where there are old signs of campfires left from past goers, that looks out to the river. occasionally the boys splash in the falls for a little cool down, or hayden races daddy to the other side. i’m not sure what took me so long to stumble upon this little gem, but i am so happy the boys will have so many memories centered around this place.

on hayden: shirt by izzy&ferd, shorts from gap, sandals by salt water sandals

on finley: tank by izzy&ferd, shorts from gap, sandals from old navy, bonnet by fin&vince; paci clip by nomilu

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