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empathy. such a very important feeling to have. one of my most important goals is to raise happy, healthy, kind boys. as hayden is getting older, and since becoming a big brother, we have found ourselves centering our world around this one simple word more and more. it is so important for him to understand how others feel, how his brother feels. and essentially how he feels when something happens.

sometimes the easiest thing to help share with our children seems so hard after a while. especially when you feel like you are failing at it. you feel yourself saying and doing the same thing over and over and over again.and you just feel tired and drained. needless to say, i was so happy when we received these fun activity kits by happy heart kid. happy heart kid’s mission is to help parents teach kids values through play. just genius! each activity kit is filled with games and crafts that focus on emotional learning. and for us, it really was the light we needed.

“oh my gosh!” the very words that came from hayden’s mouth as soon as he opened the box. “oh wow!” as he thumbed through the different activities. guys, he was totally excited, too!  we sat at the table together and instantly opened one of his first projects. we started with his ’empathy’ magnet, which was perfect because i was able to explain to him what ’empathy’ is. i called out each letter and he would repeat me, “e. e.e.” as he would sift through the letters.  it made me smile that he was learning so many things in this one, simple craft. and guys, we had so much fun.

i just really think every parent [and child!] could benefit from these activities. i strongly, strongly recommend heading over to happy heart kid and checking out their creative and fun kits. you’ll be so happy you did!

good news; he didn’t smile like that in his school picture!

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