line drying + linen spray

one of my favorite things about summer, is hanging our clothes +linens out to dry to the warm sunshine. when we moved into our home, i was pleased to see the old hearted, very loved, clothesline on the side of our house.

i try to keep our laundry process at home as natural as possible, from the laundry soap we use, to the fabric softener i throw in [did you know vinegar is amazing for this?!]. i always like to add a drop or two of purify essential oil into the wash as well. and i don’t know what it is about line drying, but something about it makes laundry fun. i look forward to the daily chore and the boys love helping me. so besides the ‘feel good’, happy feelings i get, there are also a few other benefits from line drying as well. using a clothesline is environmental friendly, your clothes+linens will last longer, the sun is a natural whitener, goodbye wrinkles, and the smell is just divine. before taking everything off the line, i like to walk through, misting a linen spray just to give them a little something extra. this so happens to be hayden’s favorite part, well second to running through the sheets! if you’re searching for a linen spray for yourself, i hope you’ll like this one. now another day brings another load of laundry, so we’re off to conquer that pile. xo!

natural linen spray

2 cups distilled water

2 tablespoons witch hazel or vodka

30 drops essential oil; i used lavender.


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