machine washable rugs to make you happy

three words. machine washable rugs. did you even know these existed?! it’s like the answers to all mom’s cleaning prayers. we can have white rugs now, guys! white!

we recently received this beautiful lorena canals rug and are just smitten over it.  the rugs themselves are all handmade individually and are completely eco-friendly, and made of 100% cotton. no yucky, toxic dyes here.  you all know how happy that makes me! and besides our rug being oh so comfy to play and lounge on [i mean seriously, it is the softest thing ever], i love the fact that i can give it a good cleaning every now and then by tossing it into our washer. and we all know how great that is when there are kids involved. and diapers. and markers. and snacks. and well, kids.

  • these milestone cards are seriously great. hayden’s reads about how he was learning what cory and i’s names were, but instead he insisted on calling us ‘daddyhop’ and ‘mommyhop’. he thought it was absolutely hysterical!


wood teething rattle by finn+ emma; tribal stripe pajamas by finn + emma; toddler first word and quotes cards by milestone;

rug in bereber beige 

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