meet ‘bossy bray’

in case you we wondering we’ve gone off and gotten ourselves a maid. and yes, she has a name, and yes,  that name is bossy bray [courtesy of little hayden lane, himself]. seriously, where do they come up with some of these things?

so let me introduce you to bossy bray, our new bObi pet. bObsweep is a robotic vacuum cleaner, that can vacuum, sweep, and mop all at once. bObsweep is also  RoHS [restriction of hazardous substances] certified to ensure maximum customer safety and minimum environmental impact.  bObi pet, is all of those things you love about the classic, but with even more capabilities. she has increased vacuum power; to suck down deep and collect all of that hair, a longer battery life; to go farther and get more work done, and a great warranty; to always keep your floors nice and clean.

we instantly charged the boss girl as soon as she arrived to her new home. after a quick look through her manual, she was ready to go. seriously, bObi is really simple to use. simply turn her on and away she goes. the greatest thing, she wanders back to her ‘charging home’ as soon as she begins to feel weak. and i mean, you heard my say she mops right?! she mops!  bObi also comes with a remote control so you can program her to do specific cleanings on specific days at specific times.


hayden likes to be in charge of her. finny gives her kisses. rylee + mo chase her as she does her work. and me? well i have never been happier. before, i was finding myself pulling out our vacuum and broom every. single. day. sometimes multiple times a day. those fiber rugs sure are pretty, but my goodness, THE BIGGEST MESS.  not to mention the added toddlers. but not anymore! boss girl leaves our floors looking shiny and so, so clean. we can eat off the floor! [which the boys’ have already deemed doable].

even finley is hanging up his broom.


this post was created in partnership with bObsweep for review purposes. all opinions and feelings are my own.

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