monday adventures

hello spring, i finally see you. it was a gorgeous sunshine day, with temps reaching all the way to 85. yes, i said 85! my sister is in town, so we decided it was a perfect day to pack up the boys and head to the zoo for our first trip of the year.

i’ll never forget the squeals as finley put his little hands on the glass to see the polar bears. i think i spent the majority of the day, just staring at him in awe. i can’t explain the feeling i had watching him take in everything for the first time at this stage in his life. he just makes my mama heart sing.

the day was spent gazing at monkeys, flamingos, and rhinos. sitting under a tree scarfing down hot dogs + french fries. and chasing each other in the forest. the boys fell asleep as soon as their bottoms hit their carseats and i got to hit target alone while all three napped in the car [and seriously, i scored the best deals! cartwheel app anyone?!]. once we were home, we sat outside picking bouquets of dandelions and drawing blue horses with chalk. a perfect monday if you ask me.

on hayden:

slyfox threads hat zara teefin&vince ‘blah’ shorts /freshly picked ‘just a slice’ next step shoe 

on finley:

baby gap fedora /  zara tee / billie blooms ‘dylan’ bloomers / freshly picked ‘red rock’ moccs 

we’re lunching on our gathre mat

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