munks+me and us

we were recently were featured over at @ministyleblog to help portray these beautiful, kid friendly prints by munks+me. it was a dream to work with jamie on this little project. the boys each picked out [okay i picked them out] what prints they would be bringing into their room. some cutesy words for hayden along with mr. fox and a sweet little bear with more cutesy words for finley.

well, hayden being hayden, his are no longer hanging on his wall. he literally peeled off every piece of tape. insert sobbing face emoji here. but the story behind it is absolutely hilarious. he told me, “i don’t want to go to bed in my bed, the fox bad. the fox go…” and then literally made the same pointy face as the fox. i didn’t even know he could do that. i wish you all could have seen it. i literally died.

  mr. fox print; mr. bear print; you are my mini wonderful; just be you

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