natural wool slippers

ya’ll, i cannot even with this weather currently. yesterday was eighty-five degrees. EIGHTY-FIVE. and it immediately had me wishing for more spring weather. well enter today. it has been grey + stormy one minute and bright + sunny the next. repeat. for the last five hours. but, i have two boys napping and i am just over here cinderellin’ away. sort of. mostly admiring these sweet slippers and staging my house. HA. i mean, if it makes ya happy…

so anyways, let’s talk about those slippers shall we. they are by the lovely haflinger. haflinger, located in goslar, is a company who’s mission is to create products in total unison with nature. and they do exactly that. our slippers are made with 100% wool, so your foot is surrounded by 100% natural material, always. the thing i absolutely love, is that wool is able to store it’s own humidity and because of that, your feet will stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer, making these slippers perfect for any time of the year. and also, making them incredibly comfortable. and i personally love how the styles of these are classic. but mainly, i just cannot get over those little tiny ones to the left of mine. SO SWEET

okay, back to cleaning i go [ or something like that ;)]



  1. Katie April 28, 2017


  2. HAFLINGER May 16, 2017

    So nice pics. We are wearing HAFLINGER slippers since 30 years.
    We love them!!!

    • Lindsey September 14, 2017

      Oh I LOVE that!


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