nature trading club

over the past few weeks the boys and i have had such a fun time exploring our countryside and collecting pieces of nature for a sweet family in california. the reasoning? the nature trading club.

not only was it such a treat spending these days together, breathing in fresh air, and getting out to do something we don’t always think of doing, but i have loved seeing this world through their eyes. they both ‘ooooed and awwwwed’ as they wandered, stopping to admire a piece of nature. they stuck rocks in their pockets [and some in their mouth, ahem finley] and leaved in their baskets. we collected soy beans + corn from daddy’s field and ivy from our house. locust shells from the tree out back and acorns from our favorite park. and today we are packaging everything up and sending them off to their new home.

i know the boys are going to be smiling from ear to ear as we open our package when it arrives.

you can learn more about #thenaturetradingclub at little cottonwood.

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