oh christmas tree

sunday, after church, we headed to the local christmas tree farm. cory carried finley around the majority of the time, as he nestled his tiny head next to cory’s body and snored the hours away. we walked acres upon acres as we hunted for ‘the one’.  hayden only fell down four times during this walk, but the last one left him in a pile of burrs, to which he demanded i did not pick off of him. and boy did he sob [he might havee missed naptime]. we finally found the one. she was just the right size, with the perfect amount of plump, hayden loved her. we all stood back as we watched her fall down and get carried off to get ready to come home.

we saw the big guy in the red suit [even daddy sat on his lap!] and hayden asked for a blue truck. finley cried. we sipped hot cocoa and scarfed down hot dogs by a giant bonfire. and now that we are home, and as tradition goes, elf is playing on the tv in the background as we decorate the tree together.

play quilt by little balenacarrier by miamily

knit beanie and black bear sweatshirt by rylee & cru


  1. Vanessa ridley December 2, 2016

    Hey there – I live in your neighborhood and didn’t know we had a local Christmas tree farm. Can you tell me where this one is? We already got our tree (Menards. Blah), but I’d love to know for next year!

    • Lindsey January 2, 2017

      Hi! This one was in whitehouse. Whitehouse tree farm, I believe 🙂


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