one and a half

december 13, 2016. eighteen months. one and a half years young.


  • getting fully undressed and running around nakey
  • playing hide and seek with brother. you even “count”.
  • snacks + sugar, although you rarely get the later. and you make that known.
  • your kitty, maximus
  • using mommy as a pacifier. currently has stopped using your own.
  • snuggles
  • reading ‘goodnight moon’ + ‘little blue truck’
  • having a blankey

your smile is contagious and your, excuse my language, resting bitch face is on point [is it even called that for boys,]. you’re seriously snack obsessed and it’s becoming quite the problem. cheerios, fruit snacks, raisins, fruit bars…it’s always something. you cry and whine until you get your way. you say “eeeeeease” and “ank ooh” and well, make the noise for welcome, but i know it’s exactly what you mean. you cuddle, hard. you run, fast. and you just started beating up your brother, probably to get back at him for all those times. all. those. times. you squeeze my face before planting the biggest, juiciest kiss on my lips. and when i say i love you, you say it right back.

you’re growing up so fast right before my eyes, and i am seeing what a sweet, kind hearted, funny little boy you are becoming. i just love you so, so much.


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  1. chelsea jacobs December 19, 2016

    Nailing the RBF already! haha!


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