pack up + go … to boston [part dos]

so we opened up our pack up + go envelope and we are flying high over to B O S T O N [enter praise hands, extremely happy face, yellow heart, heart eyes, more happy faces, and all of the drink/food emojis]. here’s what our weekend getaway looked like!


we landed in boston around noon, leaving the entire afternoon + evening to explore and get to know our new city.  and guys, you’ll never believe our first encounter. as soon as we stepped off the train, we snapped our first picture holding our little paper in it’s city. in that moment a girl ran up to us, and told us her best friend founded pack up + go. i mean, what are the chances of that happening?! so funny, and so so cool. it was the warm welcome we needed.


we walked around a bit downtown as we headed over to our hotel, which by the way was gorgeous and in the perfect location. i of course, thought it was extremely cute that they had these adorable bikes available for their guests to borrow. we stayed at the kimpton nine zero hotel. we checked in + freshened up and headed back out. the perfect thing about pack up + go is that they include so many recommendations for you, so you never have to waste time trying to find things to do or which places have the best foods. i mean, we had at least four pages printed out and available on our phones full of everything good. they even included “the day in the life” of two different people, from two different parts of boston. we went rouge on our first stop and decided to try out the bar [the bean town pub] across the street from us, because, hello starving. lobster roll for him. cajun chicken sandwich for me. harpoon beers for us both. after we filled our bellies, we walked along the freedom trail. and slowly after that found our way in the one of the most gorgeous parks [we tried to find will’s bench, but uh, i maybe have never seen that movie, had no idea what i was looking for, and also had a dead phone]. we strolled down newbury street, just gazing at all of the beautiful shops and restaurants. i was envisioning a warm, breezy afternoon, sipping a cool drink on the patios after a day full of shopping. we grabbed coffee + cupcakes from georgetown cupcakes. also, that warby parker bike guys. SWOON.

for dinner, we decided on the franklin to celebrate my birthday. oh my gosh, it was quaint, dark, and had maybe the best meal i have ever eaten. seriously, a little gem. i actually felt like an actual adult again. dinner + drinks at a  fancy+casual spot. it was the best night.


we might have slept in a little [hello, kidless] and took our time getting ready. we were out the door by ten. but first, we stopped in another grave yard. it was here where i read the name ‘elizabeth pain’ and learned the little there was to know about her. and you guys, i must be related to her. i mean, i’m sure i am. it’s said that she was the girl that inspired nathaniel hawthorne’s hester from the scarlet letter. after snapping one thousand pictures, we headed to the boston public market. that place was a dream. a dream. not only was everything so good, but every place was also styled so beautifully. we had coffees + lavender lattes + donuts [my first bacon donut!] + the best ham and swiss croissant i have ever tasted. great, now i am craving that.

after all of our snacks, we decided to stop at paul revere’s house. i cannot tell you how happy it makes me to be able to walk through these old homes and see how they once lived. the history, the life that once walked those halls, it is all so interesting to me and i can never get enough. anyways, in this home was the most beautiful fireplace and now it is currently imbedded in my brain and set aside, only to be brought back out when i try to replica it one day. because, you know that is totally happening [get ready dad!].

so after mr. revere’s, we walked the cobblestoned streets + brick sidewalks over to regina’s. it was there where i had the best cheese pizza of my entire life. and this olive oil goodness that you pour on it … um Y U M. it was definitely one of the better decisions of the day. speaking of good decisions, so was hopping on the train to salem. and that is what we did next.

our sweet friends happen to live in salem, and they spent the afternoon touring us around the charming city. if you know me, you know it has been a dream of mine to visit salem. witches, history, more witches, and an incredibly old town. it’s kind of eerie, but totally beautiful. i honestly am ready to pack up  and move, straight to salem. it. was. everything.

the home that the “clue” game and movie were based off of

red house: nathaniel hawthorne’s home. brown: house of the seven gables.
the number of nails/screws in the door, meant status of wealth for that family.

did you catch all of the hocus pocus goodness? our friends headed back into the city with us for a night of dinner +  more drinks. we sat down to a yummy, authentic italian meal. after, we stopped at the green dragon for some live music + beers. it was said that that bar  was once the bar that paul revere actually used to meet in.


our last day. and goodness did we jam pack it full. we almost hopped on the wrong train, but instead we decided to walk most of the way over to cambridge. we followed our cambridge recommendations, first stopping at 1369 coffee house. a scary spice for me, please [yes, the chai teas were named after spice girls. my kinda place.]! and guys, more old houses. i mean, complete heaven. finally we found our way at harvard. the campus was absolutely beautiful. just so, so pretty + historic. since both boys will be going there someday, it was completely necessary to grab some shirts for the both of them. i can see it now, hanging up at their graduation party. hopes and dreams, mamas. hopes and dreams. we also stopped in the one and only curious george store in the world. that was fun! really wish the boys could have been there for that.

before heading back downtown, we stopped at another highly recommended place, tatte. without a doubt, the most gorgeous little coffee + bakery i have ever stepped into. i snapped way to many photos, and literally could have sat there all day. there is something about beautiful cafes that just make your heart smile. also, that mint lemonade was my jam.

and that was it. our day was coming to an end. we took a quick train ride back to the hotel to grab our things and away we went, back to the airport.

our weekend getaway was magical, and we didn’t have to plan one thing. i cannot even begin to explain how exciting it was not knowing where we would be jetting off to. i have always had this dream of packing a suit case and heading to the airport and just randomly picking a destination off of the screen. well this was my dream, come true.  the best part, the lovely lillian from pack up + go was in communication with us our entire trip, sending us travel updates, checking us in for flights, and even sending over more recommendations. we even had her cell number in case we needed anything, anything at all.

i just adore her travel agency, and the entire concept behind it. it’s always such a pleasure working with wonderful people and i am so excited to help share  a little more about what pack up + go is for her. i already know i will be letting the team plan many more trips in our future. and just maybe, this next one will be with the boys.

as for our surprise this trip? they couldn’t have done a better job for my old, coffee loving, good food + drinks, soul. boston was absolutely perfect!

if ever you find yourself willing to be surprised + booking your next trip with pack up + go, you can do so here.  and please mention my name in the referral section. 

also, this post was created in partnership with pack up + go. however, all opinions and feelings are my own. 


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