pack up + go … to boston [part uno]

so this trip was completely last minute and probably one of the best decision of l i f e. but here we go, let me tell you all about a weekend away with my love. the first one, well time, we have been away. together. alone., since our honeymoon. but first in order for me to tell you all about it, we need to rewind to this time last year…

so enter last year. i was scrolling away on the ol’ gram and came across a friend’s photo. it was her and her hubby holding a sign with a destination typed out. at the airport! and that’s where it all started. that’s when i knew we had to do pack up + go.

pack up + go is a travel agency made up of a small team of world travelers. together, they plan weekend getaways in the us. the catch? your trip is a complete surprise! i mean, is that not the best thing you have ever heard?! i fell fast. and hard. the getaway options are endless, with anywhere from single traveler trips to multi traveler trips and from setting out on the open road,  to flying high in the sky. or anything in between. you simply choose your budget [which will cover travel + accommodations] with your travel dates.  nervous about traveling to somewhere you just were? no need to fret. pack up + go always asks where you have been the last few trips and where you plan to go, just to make sure that doesn’t happen. you will also give them some of your traveling preferences in order for them to match you with the perfect trip for you.

how it worked for us:

like i mentioned before, we were a bit last minute, planning our trip two weeks ahead of time [just at the deadline!]. this time, our trip would be celebrating my thirtieth birthday. after filling out a few questions and giving them a better idea of who we are + what we like to do, we waited, for about a week. it was then when i was sent an email with what we could expect the weather to be, along with where we would be departing from and at what time. along with that, were a few hints on what we should pack.

  1. walking shoes (hint: this is a very walkable destination, and you’ll want to cover a lot of ground!)
  2. an empty stomach (hint: this city has some seriously good food – and drinks!)
  3. a camera (hint: this city is known for its amazing history and great photo ops!)
  4. clothes for a night out (hint: you may want to go out to celebrate your birthday here! we’ll give you options for everything from very casual to more fancy, so you can pick your adventure.)

the next week, and just days before  we were jetting off, the envelope arrived. it was like holding gold. i could not wait to rip that thing open! friday morning finally arrived and we set out bright and early in the morning for the airport. and it was time. it was finally time to open her! and that little paper i once saw last year, was sitting right inside. and it read:

you’re going to boston, ma!

we were both so excited!! this actually was the first destination cory was hoping for, so he was more than thrilled. and so we road high in the sky, straight to the city that stole my heart. boston.

follow the next post to hear + see more!

interested in finding out more about pack up + go or booking a trip for yourself? head here. don’t forget to mention my name 😉

this post was created in partnership with pack up + go. however, all opinions and feelings are my own. 

luggage by away;  silhouette necklace by le papierhat by gigi pip, backpack by mûr; earphones by studio sweden [use code ‘beingbadenhop’ for 15% off]

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  1. Katie April 28, 2017

    Such a fun trip! Beautiful city! Glad you had a great 30th. Maybe one year we can celley a bday together!


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