strawberry pickin’

happy first day of summer! what’s summer anyways if you don’t make a trip to pick some berries? we went to a local orchard this morning, and spent a good hour picking the juiciest, yummiest, ripe red strawberries. hayden diligently looked over each one before he would place it in his basket. finley sat in the same spot for a good twenty minutes stuffing his face with whatever he picked. it was then, when hayden realized he could get a taste of them too. and then this mama had to hustle to keep up! the sun was beating down on us, but there was the most perfect breeze cooling us off. the boys were covered in juice, their bodies stained red, but boy did we al enjoy ourselves. we will be eating strawberry ice cream, strawberry jam, and strawberry shortcake for days!

on hayden: tee from old navy, shorts from gap, sandals by saltwater sandals, fedora from h&m

on finley: onesie by fin & vince, bloomers by billie blooms, sandals by saltwater sandals, bonnet by fin & vince 

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