finley turns two

i’ll never fathom how time can go so incredibly fast, but yet it feels like you have been here with me an entire lifetime. you turned two this past week, and i remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. it’s been two full years of sweet snuggles, sloppy kisses, and love. two whole years of watching you grow, learn, and become the sweet little boy you are.

you are gentle. you are full of happiness. you make the world shine brighter each day and we are so blessed to have you in our family. i don’t think you’ll ever know how much i love you, but i hope when you look back at pictures or when you’re watching home videos you’ll feel that love. because my love for you is so immense.


  • you’re starting to talk in full sentences
  • you say “ummm” when you’re thinking of an answer
  • when i say ” i love you so much!” before bedtime you reply, “much!”
  • you still hate getting your hair washed
  • you cry for mo to sleep with you at night
  • speaking of going to bed you usually ask for “mommy’s room”
  • trolls is your all time, favorite movie
  • you kind of go potty on the toilet. only number two. and only like four times a month.
  • kid you are sugar obsessed.  you don’t get it often, but boy, watch out.
  • you know you’re name and say it perfectly!
  • your favorite food is burgers + chicken
  • you ask to say prayers at dinner
  • “oh shucks!” is your current favorite
  • all dogs + all cats are ry ry and mo mo

natural wool slippers

ya’ll, i cannot even with this weather currently. yesterday was eighty-five degrees. EIGHTY-FIVE. and it immediately had me wishing for more spring weather. well enter today. it has been grey + stormy one minute and bright + sunny the next. repeat. for the last five hours. but, i have two boys napping and i am just over here cinderellin’ away. sort of. mostly admiring these sweet slippers and staging my house. HA. i mean, if it makes ya happy…

so anyways, let’s talk about those slippers shall we. they are by the lovely haflinger. haflinger, located in goslar, is a company who’s mission is to create products in total unison with nature. and they do exactly that. our slippers are made with 100% wool, so your foot is surrounded by 100% natural material, always. the thing i absolutely love, is that wool is able to store it’s own humidity and because of that, your feet will stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer, making these slippers perfect for any time of the year. and also, making them incredibly comfortable. and i personally love how the styles of these are classic. but mainly, i just cannot get over those little tiny ones to the left of mine. SO SWEET

okay, back to cleaning i go [ or something like that ;)]


babywearing through the years

when hayden was first born, i remember seeing wraps + carriers in the stores, but honestly, i didn’t know much about them or babywearing. i bought a wrap for his first month of life, and wore him closely as we walked endless loops around our county fair. in fact, i remember buying it for this very moment and to keep him close to me and away from other people’s hands. sadly, i don’t think i wore him much after that week. fast forward to when he was a bit older, i bought our first carrier. and i think he sat in that thing, maybe three times. babywearing was seldom talked about around here, i was one of the first out of my friends to start a family, and i rarely ever saw babywearing happening. i wish i had. did you know there are so many amazing + different benefits for baby and for you by wearing baby close?  i wish i had.

finley was about eight months old when i first joined the amazing community of mothers on instagram. i immediately was drawn to these beautiful carriers i kept seeing around. they were not like anything available in the stores and they also just so happened to be made by mothers themselves. i instantly fell in love with the idea of helping a mom be able to provide for her family. i did my research and i started to learn all of those many benefits of babywearing.  i wanted to always keep my baby close  + to experience this world together. i longed to have my hands free to be able to chase my toddler through the desert, sit down to play with him while the baby was fussy, or to make a delicious meal for our family when someone would rather be held.

finley is now 22 months, and i am wearing him more than ever before. it’s become a way of life and it makes us both so happy. i can sense his feeling of comfort when he’s worn. he can nap, while we continue moving along. and we can snuggle when he’s feeling sad or just when he wants some extra mama time. there’s a sense of calm in both of us when he is wrapped up closely to me. and now that we are well into a year and a half of wearing, i wanted to share with you several different + favorite ways that we carry in + out of our home. i treasure these products. they have been a Godsend in this season of motherhood and my only hope is for another mama to take that leap and give babywearing a try, too.

the solly baby wrap. 

remember that first wrap i told you about, well it  almost terrified me out of this one. but I was instantly drawn in by this beautiful pattern, a collaboration with amanda jane jones. and once i started reading about solly + elle [the lovely mama behind it all], i just knew this one would be different. that it would be amazing and so well loved. it’s not hard + bulky to get on and the fabric is out of this world. it’s made of lenzing modal, which is a lightweight, buttery soft fabric. everything is made right here in the us and environmental friendly dyes are always used when dying the fabric. the wrap itself is made to be used from the moment your babe arrives, up until 25 pounds. i personally love this wrap for the early, tiny newborn moments, but then again finley actually took a ride in it just last week.

wildbird sling.

if you’ve been following along with me for some time, then you have heard me mention wildbird before. okay, maybe a few times. and it probably will not be the last time [you’ve been warned]. wildbird is ran by the incredible + sweetest tayler. this was actually my first carrier [sling] that i ordered for finley + i.  everything about wildbird is absolutely beautiful and i think that is why i was first drawn to them. their branding + marketing + product are easily put, simply amazing. the slings are available in three different fabrics and in either a single or a double layer [for those heavier babes + longer carries]. the slings are made in salt lake city, utah and can be worn from birth [eight pounds] up until 35 pounds. i have admitted before that i have quite the ‘stash’ happening over here and i am so not ashamed.  from left to right: our first bird, sparrow; a single layer linen, warbler; a single layer bamboo, and indigo finch; a double layer chambray. go ahead, collect them all. i dare you!

happy baby carriers.

meet the newest carrier that i have just recently come across. i haven’t really been able to talk cory into wearing the wrap or sling [although I’d die if he did. insert heart eyes], so i have always been on the hunt for something that he would like to use as well. i cannot even remember when it happened, but i found it. happy baby carriers are made from my all time favorite fabric, linen. linen is lightweight + breathable and always so beautiful. these carriers are also made right here in the us. they also feature a hidden pocket with a sun cover for baby + extra storage room for you. happy baby carriers support newborns up until 45 pounds. 45 pounds guys! that’s carrying my almost four year old when his little legs can no longer keep up.