the mama who wears many hats

i mean sure, there are many different hats i wear in my life; mother, wife, daughter, sister, creative, nurse, chef, house-builder, nurturer, milk man.. i mean woman, storyteller, tickle monster to name just a few. but what i mean is that i literally wear many hats. like lots. lots. lots. lots. if i could, i would wear a hat every day outside of this house. to me, hats are a way of showing your personality. to add a little something something to my now pretty simplified wardrobe. they’re fun. they’re loud.  they just completely make your outfit come together, i think. and most importantly, they hide that unwashed, four day old, mom hair [raising hand up over here for that one].

i have followed along with ginger for some time now.  drawn in by her style, and struck hard by her adorable family + heart. so when she announced her new hat line, i knew it would be so, so good. and it is better than i ever imagined .gigi pip is a women’s hat-osphere where life is embraced to the fullest. they offer everything from wide brimmed fedoras to baseball caps, to beanies in the winter. there is literally a hat for anyone + everyone [i mean everyone. don’t say you don’t look good in a hat. i KNOW you do ;)]. and, all of the hats are incredibly gorgeous and each one so special in its own way.

i am so excited to be teaming up with gigi pip to offer you all a special discount to get your hat collection growing. use the code ‘badenhop’ for twenty percent off your purchase!

so, to the mama who wears many hats …. here’s another for you. xo



 this post was shared in partnership with gigi pip, however all views and opinions are my own.

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