the most magical place on earth

originally when we planned this trip to arizona, we also planned on renting a car, as we would have to travel from phoenix to green valley. so using my most sweetest voice and reasoning, i somehow talked cory into the seven hour drive to disney. i have been dying to take the kids to disney since the day hayden laid eyes on mickey. now cory, he is a firm believer in not taking them until they are both older because, 1. it being so expensive to travel to florida + do the whole shebang and 2. well because they ‘won’t remember’.  i myself, always wanted to  see those faces light up because now is the time where they really are into mickey + the disney characters. so this trip to disneyland was absolutely in my favor. and my sweet parents were able to travel along with us and gift the day to the boys. my brother was able to come along for the fun as well!

we saw mickey + minnie as soon as we stepped foot into the park and i think i will always remember the look on the boys’ faces in that very moment. tears trying to roll down my cheek as i watched my babies light up with amazement. we of course, got the boys some ears before venturing any further and i got an iced coffee in my disney designed starbucks cup ha.

we rode ride after ride and after ride. and we listened to finley cry his hardest cry after each one ended. we met mickey and minnie and goofy and donald duck and pluto. we saw ariel in the parade. we ate more sugar than i think the boys have had in their lifetime by filling our bellies with donuts and suckers and dole whip and cotton candy and lemonade icees and kettle corn. we saw chad michael murray [gasp, i am oth obsessed]. we watched the light parade. we saw fireworks. we laughed. we got hangry. we got scared [well some of us – think haunted mansion. hayden closed his eyes the entire time. fin said “fun” when we were finished. and i wanted to buy the house]. we ate. we ate some more. we took hayden on his first roller coaster. and we rode more rides.

it was magical. the entire thing, the whole day. fourteen hours of magic to be exact.  i cannot feel more blessed that we got to do this with our family. side note, hayden asks to go to dinseyland every day now.


  1. chelseajacobs June 20, 2017

    So magical!!

  2. Sarah June 20, 2017

    First of all… adorable. I will never get over seeing kids in those classic Mickey ears.

    Second. I spy a Wildbird and I have questions… I’m assuming you didn’t bring a stroller then? Was he mostly running around/how often did you toss him in there? Do you wish you had brought a stroller? Also, does he nap in the sling?
    I’m headed to D.C. for a few days next week and I can’t decide to stroller or not to stroller. Honestly I sort of hate it and have to fight her to stay in it but it just seems like such a long and potentially hot day to have to chase her or carry her. (For reference- she’s 2, 22lbs)
    Convince me I can do it?

    Sorry, that ended up way longer than I meant for it to be lol

    • Lindsey September 14, 2017

      Oh my gosh girl, can you tell pregnancy has gotten the best of me?! I feel AWFUL that I am just now seeing this! Those Mickey ears were everythingggg.

      My info probably doesn’t help now, since you took your trip already, but we did bring the stroller along! And I’m so happy we did because Hayden actually ended up napping in it too. It wasn’t a pain at all, to my surprise. And Finley actually spent the majority of the time running around. I hope you’re trip went well!!! Let me know if you took the stroller hahah

      • Sarah September 14, 2017

        😂… well thanks for getting back to me anyway! Lol
        The trip went well considering. We brought the stroller but didn’t use it and I ended up using our ergo instead of the wild bird. It only got me 1 half hour nap but that’s ok.

        Hope you and your little fam are doing well! 😄

  3. Ana Paula July 2, 2017

    This disney world is so magical, but with this two prince it got more magical.Congratulations lindsey for the beautiful boy.✨😘👱👱

    • Lindsey November 11, 2017

      it most definitely did!! Thank you so much 🙂


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