two days in the windy city

chicago. so good to see you again.

this past week, my parents were heading to chicago to visit old friends. naturally, the boys and i decided to tag along. i take any opportunity i can to get us out of the house for a few days, because, staying at home can make you feel all sorts of crazy sometimes.

we got up bright and early tuesday morning and headed straight downtown. we spent the day singing and eating ice cream in the middle of a park, eating chicago style dogs [for the first time!],  saying hi to the fishies at the aquarium, while running away from the snakes, and the night splashing by the pool, eating some pasta.

the next morning we woke filled our bellies with eggs, pancakes, bacon, and hash browns and hayden headed out for another little swim lesson at the house. afternoon came, and we took the train into the city. we stopped at a little tavern for lunch and i had the most delicious chicken club + cider then off to do touristy things, like climb the sears tower. i’m actually pretty proud of myself for not having a full on panic attack. for dinner we met up with my sister and obviously scarfed down giordano’s. i mean, yum. it was a leave the city really late kind of night, get home at three in the morning. it was fun. and just what we needed, a change of scenery. until next time, chicago!

on hayden: tee by the bee and the fox, shorts from gap, romper by north, sandals by salt water sandals; camera by bud&thistle

on finley: onesie by the bee and the fox, shorts from gap, overalls by oshkosh [vintage], sandals by salt water sandals; paci clip by nomilu 

on me: romper from forever21, sandals from target, watch by arvo; sling by wildbird

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