what it’s all about

i shared this on my instagram this past week, but i only find it fitting to share it here as well. i really am feeling so thankful and lucky to have “met” so many incredible woman who i now i would never have met before.

this past saturday, we spend the day with friends. we squeezed each other hard as we said hello, and again when we had to say goodbye. we spent the day wandering a tree farm, and just sat back as we watched all four of the boys play together. speaking of that, have you ever had four boys together? of course you have. but man, it is w i l d. i think they spent the majority of the time chasing each other and fighting with sticks. they weren’t shy with each other. and it was like they’ve been playing together their entire lives. counting down the days and well, crossing my fingers that they will be so closer soon.


“i can’t really remember when sara first came into my life, but then again i can’t really remember her not being a part of it either. although on the other side of the country and only communicating online and through texts, we’ve been lucky to see our sweet friends twice within the past three months. this place is really quite special, if you try hard to not let it all get to your head. if yo put behind the comparing game, the stress of it all. the need to post pretty pictures. this is what it’s all about. finding your people, being inspired + empowered, walking through this journey of motherhood together, and sharing love. sharing so much love.”

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