winter blues

i feel so silly saying this, because unlike past years, this winter has been relatively good to us. we had a few surprise days with outrageously nice weather, and i feel like it has snowed maybe two times. however, the days have been gray for far too long. rain, rain, and more rain has been handed down to us. i hardly remember the days where the sun used to shine. and on the rare occasion that the sun does decide to show his face, he only streams through our windows for a short ten minutes.

but every year, at this very same time, i find myself feeling so many emotions, most of them not positive. and lately i have just been in a complete  funk. i think it is so important to pick yourself back up and surround yourself with something that makes you happy each day. and people that make you happy. for me, that’s a car ride to grab my favorite iced coffee, dance parties in the living room with my tinies, a day of thrifting, and weekend adventures as a family. and sometimes, all four in one day. and of course, lots and lots of praying. He will get me through this hard time and lift me up more than i know.

so i guess what i am trying to say is, if you feel this way, if you think this way, than i feel for you. and i am praying for you, too. and in the meantime, i will be counting down the days until spring. and slinging my baby bird a bit harder for all the extra snuggles.


the boys artisan leather boots by mikoleon; ring sling by wildbird 


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