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the heirloom collection

the heirloom collection

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carefully + thoughtfully designed by lindsey badenhop, the #beingbadenhoppresets were created to enhance your everyday photos. the heirloom collection includes seven mobile presets.

  • these presets are to be used in the FREE Lightroom App. no subscription is necessary for use. simply download the app + create an account [do this beforehand!].
  • please make sure your email address is correct when purchasing. check + check again! if this is not entered correctly, you will not receive the confirmation email.
  • all preset sales are final. there will be no returns/refunds issued due to the nature of this product.
  • unauthorized distribution of these presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action.


  1. download the free Lightroom CC .
  2. after purchasing, you will receive an email [please check your spam folder if you do not receive it right away]. select the download link here or on the confirmation page [if you can, try to download the google chrome app and use this to open your email!] safari has been crashing it and chrome tens to run a bit quicker + easier]. then select ‘save to files’ and choose iCloud.
  3. locate + open the files app on your phone and select iCloud Drive.  from there, click downloads and select the bbp at home collection. this will unzip your files.
  4. open up the lightroom app and create a new album for the bbp; the heirloom collection [use this as the album name].
  5. open this album and click the three little dots […] in the upper right hand corner. select ‘add photos’. and then select ‘from files’.
  6. click the folder for the bbp; the heirloom collection . here you should see the entire collection. click the first preset to add into lightroom. you’ll continue this step until each preset as been imported into lightroom.
  7. once you have each preset imported lightroom and saved into the album, you’ll need to create the preset. select the first preset photo to open. click the three little dots […] in the upper right hand corner.
  8. select ‘create preset’. name the preset accordingly. then select ‘user presets’. select ‘create new preset group’. name this  the bbp; the heirloom collection [this will keep the collection grouped together in the same spot for easy access].
  9. continue step 8 [you will see the group name, so just click on that instead of creating a new group] until each preset has been saved. that’s it! to use the presets; import your own photo into lightroom. tap the photo to open. scroll to the left and select ‘presets’. select the bbp; the heirloom collection. choose your preset 🙂


the link in your email will expire in 24 HOURS, so please make sure to download your presets within a timely manner.

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